Russell Holland Speaks out!!

Honda young gun and privateer rider Russell Holland has taken an emphatic career-first round win at South Australia’s Mallala Motorsport Park at the third round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship today.The 22-year-old rode his Robern Racing Honda CBR to victory courtesy of a maiden race win and second placing, giving him a one point edge over second spot on the podium.
Holland barely put a foot wrong in his campaign for overall honours, and upstaged each and every factory backed team on his way to the chequered flag.The New South Wales based rider was understandably elated at the achievement, stating that the win was a goal he would have hoped to achieve by season end.
“It’s been a dream run this weekend, an all-round effort from the team, they gave me a great bike that was fast since it came out of the truck,” said Holland.

“Though I didn’t qualify as high as I could have, it was the front row start (4th) that gave me the chance to take the lead early, and once I’d put a few bike-lengths between myself and second then it just kept getting better,” he said.

“We use a Pirelli tyre and had made a few setup changes across the weekend, and the overall package was really good on the racetrack.”

“The first race win really was a dream come true and I adapted pretty well to a change in conditions in the last race, it was a lot cooler but we kept the heat in the tyres before the restart.”

“We didn’t quite have the pace to catch Jamie (Stauffer) towards the end but still scored the round win by a point.”

Holland has now ‘stood’ on all three podium steps across the opening three rounds, with today’s victory complementing a 2nd placing at Eastern Creek in round one and 3rd place last weekend at Barbagallo in round two.The points haul only slightly closes the gap (16 points) to runaway leader Jamie Stauffer, but if Holland’s form is anything to go by, the championship could come down to the final round to be decided.The team will test at Queensland Raceway ahead of the next round in just under five weeks, with the entire Robern Racing squad determined to continue their winning ways.
Jamie Stauffer was unable to record a hat-trick of Superbike round wins, being denied the prize by just a point. Third in race one and first in race two took his total to 44 – Holland finished on 45.
An average start to the opening race shuffled Stauffer backwards in the pack, and the fightback proved a challenging task for the Dunlop-shod factory Yamaha pilot.Stauffer answered with victory in the second race, and was optimistic at achieving the greater goal of maintaining his series lead.

“Today just wasn’t our day in the Superbikes, I didn’t get off to the best of starts and Russell had some serious pace aboard his Honda,” said Stauffer.

“The opportunity for the round win was still there and I had to ensure I gave myself every possible chance, but the points gap just got the better of me.”

“The Dunlop tyre package really came on strong for race day, the team did a great job with setup.”

Seasoned Superbike campaigner Adam Fergusson positioned his Joe Rocket Honda in the best possible place to attack the leaders should they have made an error, and second and third results respectively across the day’s races saw him claim third overall.Krusty’s dominant showing at Mallala over season 2004 and 2005 was cut short, but he was still pleased with the result.Dan Stauffer finished just shy of a podium finish for the day but the points haul did him a world of good, boosting him into 3rd overall in the championship.2005 New Zealand Superbike Champion Andrew Stroud was a quiet achiever for the round, and finished a credible 5th overall. The privateer rider now has a string of top 10 finishes to his name sitting 5th in the championship and will look to build on the momentum as the series heads north.It was a taxing weekend for top factory riders Shawn Giles and Shannon Johnson, with Giles not making the grid due to his injury and Johnson pulling up short of a valuable points result in race two with a rare mechanical failure.Glenn Allerton also had a round to forget, crashing twice over the course of the meeting which affected both his Superbike and Supersport campaigns adversely.In what is becoming a regular occurrence in the YMF Loan Australian Supersport Championship, Jamie Stauffer once again took the two race wins and overall round honours for his Yamaha Racing Team.Adam Fergusson rode his factory Honda to second place in the 600cc class and Yamaha privateer Shaun Geronimi recorded his second consecutive round podium taking third. A number of the factory Supersport riders experienced difficulties throughout the day, highlighted by crashes from Glenn Allerton and Mark Aitchison.The championship – riders, teams and officials alike – will now take a well earned break before returning to competition at Queensland Raceway in five weeks.

Understanding Your Motorcycle

Hi Friends,

Today I am going to discuss about various types of Motorcycles. Only if we know the type of your motorcycle you can go in to maintenance section.So before you break out the tools and start getting your hands greasy, it's a good idea for you to do a little analysis as to what kind of maintenance your bike will need. Different types of bikes and different types of riding need different types of maintenance, and knowing what your bike needs will ensure that you don't miss an element of maintenance.

Motorcycle Types

It s
hould seem obvious that different types of bike need different types of maintenance, but some riders simply see a set of two wheels, a seat, and handlebars and assume that the maintenance will be the same. This is far from the truth, however!

Think a
bout it....Dirt bikes need much different types of maintenance than cruisers do. The abuse that dirt bikes take and the amount of dirt that they ingest at the track warrants a much different maintenance regiment. The following gives an very brief overview of the different types of maintenance that different styles of bikes need:


One of the most popular style of bike on the road nowdays, and actually one that usually requires a very straight-forward maintenance regiment. In many cases, changing fluids, checking tire pressure, caring for the drive train, and washing/waxing regularly will be the typical regiment. Proper winterization will also extend the life of your cruiser.

Dirt bikes

As mentioned earlier, dirt bikes take a lot of abuse. After a long day of pounding the track, the suspension and frame should be inspected for damage, the motor needs special care to ensure that heat or dirt have not caused damage, and (especially if it's a two-stroke) special care needs to be taken in understanding the fluid needs of these bikes.


Long trips and extended mileage can take a heavy toll on the tires and suspensions of tourers. In addition, lots of miles in time in the elements can also result in rusted components and take a toll on the electrical system, Each should be inspected frequently, as well as other maintenance items such as brake pads, drive belt or shaft, and fluid levels.

en it comes to superbikes, it's usually about speed and cornering. This means ensuring that your motor is taken care of with the proper fluid changes, your tires are in top-notch condition, and your chain is adjusted appropriately. The last thing you want is to dive into a twisty and end up with your rear-end slipping out from under you. Depending on how hard you push your superbike, maintenance could make the difference between a good day on the road and a hospital visit.

Any time you start pushing a bike that was designed for every-day riding to speed and cornerning limits, maintenance will increase. Street-Sport bikes like the Honda SuperHawk and the BMW K1200 series are designed for everyday riding, but also offer some of the performance features that superbikes or dirt bikes offer. Depending on how you ride the bike, the maintenance will differ. Ride it like a cruiser and maintenance will be pretty straight forward. Ride it like a superbike or dirt bike, and more maintenance will be required.

I hope the above information will be useful to you. Next day I will go in detail about maintenance so keep checking...

New Office Furniture Website launched!!

Hi friends,

I am lucky that i have got a good set of furnitures in my house. But if I think the time i spend in my work place will be more than I stay in my house. So it is important to have a good set of furnitures in my office, not only for my sake but for the visitors also. I decided to make changes to my office within the end of this month.

While I was thinking about it i came to know about Burgess Furnitures which is a famous company producing a large varieties of quality goods. At this company Burgess Furniture, they have some really cool looking furniture for conferences and banquets. Their website is laid out to be very user friendly. They have shown a vast collection of furnitures which is highly attracting to eyes. The types of furnitures are divided into tabs which adds our efficiency to pick a desired one. In my office if I am dealing with my client neither me nor my client should feel uncomfortable with the seating.No one likes to sit in upright position always to me I think the most important aspect of this is the comfort of the stacking chairs and folding tables.

I swear you that if you get a chance to visit this site, even if you don't have the idea of buying any new furniture for your office, you will change your mind set to buy at least a chair. Really the site is cool to my eyes and I hope the same with you too.

Lamborghini Gallardo vs Ducati 999

Amazing stunts by both the autos. First we start with Lamborghini Gallardo which stunned us in the turnings. All car can travel straight and even in turnings but look at the speed in which it is traveling. Next comes the Ducati which shows that Gallardo is no way superior to him. Ducati has got ultimate power which cannot be bet in the straight road. Here it is not the case, Gallardo missed a corner and Ducati made use of it to win the race.

Break The Vault

Hi pals,

I spend most of my time online, updating my websites, chatting with my friends, reading online novels and reading any articles about bikes,cars etc.. One of the things I've never done is play online games or take part in contests. I know I must be one amongst the minority who are not generally interested in this contest. Many of my friends and family talk about the game and contest sites they visit. I know people who gained a lot from online contests. I know the readers mind, most of the people think that it is waste of playing online because they will be announced that they have won so and so prize but they are not delivered with their prizes won. I will now tell you a real trust able site breakthevault which offers you cool free online games.

So! What is better for my readers than a site that offers free online contests? Members of the site have unlimited chances to attempt to solve each game. They will provide you clues to solve the game, if you are wrong don't worry you will be provided many chances to solve it. The first one that does so wins cash or the prize associated with that game. Scaling up the traffic to the site also increases the prize value so for those who enjoy online games, I'm spreading the word to you.

Please don't loose this opportunity and feel for it later. Make your best out of this now!!

Fastest Bike I Have Ever Sean!!

Hi friends,

At last my dream came true!!..

A machine that captivates the gaze. I've long been fascinated by the the Suzuki Hayabusa. I think it will be only a short time until I own one. To those of us who saw the sportbike evolve over the last 15 years. From the '86 GSXR750 to where we stand today, this bike is by far the pinnacle of progress.

When I look at it- it seem huge. But once I'm riding, it feels like a toy.The Hayabusa in unlike anything I have ever ridden before. It's more refined than my ZX-11. When you rev the motor and accelerate off into the distance, it feels designed for this. As if it's sole purpose were entrenched in allowing the ride to travel at any velocity in relative safety and ease. I realize now the level of discipline and restraint it requires to own this bike. Well, maybe I wouldn't call it restraint, but just plain discipline. The whole package takes some readjusting as to what you might think of as normal. You're headed down the freeway, the speedometer indicates 70 mph, yet it barely seems to have risen around it's circular path.


An attack to gain access to a host must be launched against a service running on
the system.The service must be vulnerable to a problem that will allow the
attacker to gain access. It is possible to guess what services the system uses from
some methods of intelligence gathering. It is also possible to manually probe
ports on a system with utilities such as netcat to see if connectivity can be made
to the service.
The process of gathering information on the available services on a system is
simplified by tools such as the Network Mapper, or Nmap. Nmap, as we previously
mentioned, uses numerous advanced features when launched against a
system to identify characteristics of a host.These features include things such as
variable TCP flag scanning and IP response analysis to guess the operating system
and identify listening services on a host.
Nmap can be used to identify services on a system that are open to public
use. It can also identify services that are listening on a system but are filtered
through an infrastructure such as TCP Wrappers, or firewalling. Observe the following
elliptic@ellipse:~$ nmap -sS -O
Starting nmap V. 2.54BETA22 ( )
Interesting ports on (
(The 1533 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
Port State Service
21/tcp open ftp
22/tcp open ssh
23/tcp filtered telnet
25/tcp open smtp
37/tcp open time
53/tcp open domain
80/tcp open http
110/tcp open pop-3
143/tcp open imap2
Remote operating system guess: Solaris 2.6 - 2.7
Uptime 11.096 days (since Thu Nov 29 08:03:12 2001)
Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 60 seconds
Let’s examine this scan a piece at a time. First, we have the execution of Nmap
with the sS and O flags (options).These flags tell Nmap to conduct a SYN scan
on the host, and identify the operating system from the IP responses received.
Next, we see three columns of data. In the first column from the left to right, we
see the port and protocol that the service is listening on. In the second column,
we see the state of the state of the port, either being filtered (as is the telnet service,
which is TCP Wrapped), or open to public connectivity, like the rest.

No doubt I expect Stoner to be as strong, or stronger than last year !!!

Hi friends,

On an interview after he came across his bad times last year he shares his present situation and future plans. The interview starts with the question about his health. He s doing fine now and he says he is perfectly alright for the forth coming GRAND PRIX championship. He told there is a major change in his team and sponsors. After finishing as runner up in the year 2007 he and his team decided to try new effort of changing the tyres. Yes! He is going to ride with BRIDGESTONE which is going to be very exciting and new experience to him. He added that he is positive about this new try. He says that they need a lot of time to find out as much as possible about the Bridgestone tyres and to make sure that their bike is working at the maximum with them. They also need a lot of time to develop the new engine and make sure that they are in a better position with regards to top speed. Luckily they have four tests before the first race and Rossi is confident that he will be in good shape at the start of the season. Motivation is high and everyone is working at 100%, he says.

He says even in this series without a doubt he expect Stoner to be as strong, or stronger than last year, and so they will have to make a great, great fight to beat him. This year he will be on the same tyres as him and he is looking forward to having some great battles with him. Pedrosa of course will also be at the front again as well as many of the others Quite a lot of riders have changed bikes this year and it will be very interesting but he is expecting everyone to be competitive from the start; Melandri, Hopkins, Capirossi, Vermeulen etc.

So friends no doubt that it will be a very exciting season. Let us cheer Rossi. All the very best Rossi. We love to see you boosing on the bike and conquering the track always..

The Racer I Admire...

Hi friends,

We all know that Yamaha is an important part of MotoGP as Valentino Rossi starts his fourth campaign as a Yamaha Factory Team rider in 2007 with the clear target of recapturing the MotoGP World Championship title after being dethroned by Nicky Hayden last year. After winning two consecutive World Championships with Yamaha in 2004 and 2005, following on from three previous back-to-back title successes, Rossi finished runner-up to the American despite scoring ten podiums and winning five races - more than any other rider. Now the record-breaking Italian racer, widely regarded as the finest motorcycle racer of his generation.

MotoGP is the pashion of motorcycle racing, with the world’s top riders racing 800cc prototype machines at leading venues around the world. I love it a lot. I wish to drive on the road but unluckily we need Track license and sponsors to drive.

The MotoGP World Championship takes place between March and November with starting grid positions for each race decided by one 60-minute qualifying session.Each MotoGP race lasts around 45 minutes that is approximately 30 laps of a 4km circuit and is watched by a global television audience in excess of 320 million people. Riders compete for championship points, with the rider gaining the highest points declared world champion at the end of the season. Each race offers 25 points for the winner, 20 for second and 16 for third, going down to a single point for 15th position.

Our Rossi will be at the top no need to worry about that. I am a Rossi fan what about you friends? If you are also falling under my category don't forget to leave a comment here..

We Want Superstar into Politics

Hi friends,

Dr.Gayathri Srikanth released a new book "The Name is Rajinikanth". For this occasion on evening of March 6, 2008 almost all stars met at Taj Connemara Hotel in Chennai. The function started with the auspicious lighting of Kuthuvilakku by Soundarya Rajinikanth and the author Dr. Gayathri.
The Name is Rajinikanth was released by noted political analyst and great actor Cho Ramaswamy and received by Soundarya Rajinikanth. Samples from the book were read out to the audience. Cho, while speaking on the occasion, congratulated the author on bringing out such a book. On Rajinikanth, he asserted that the superstar should step into politics that could do wonders for the political scenario of Tamil Nadu and India.
As the whole world have Rajinikanth fans he will be having a definite support if he step in to politics. And moreover why i am insisting that he should join politics is, he read the mind of the people in TamilNadu so he can change the situation of suffering people. Moreover he is such a good person to be trusted a lot.
We can expect him to the field of politics soon i think.. Advance wishes to my thala!!!!!

Travell With Fun

Hi everybody!!

Its the time for leave to your native. Tired of the long and exasperating journey while travelling in buses? Well, it shouldn’t be so anymore. Wonder why? Read on!
A.M. Rathnam, one of the topmost producers in the film industry, has many movies to his credit including hits like 7G Rainbow Colony, Ghilli, Indian, Dhool, Bheema to name a few.
Having reaped success after success, he has now decided to do something that very few would even think of. Yes, Rathnam has given the rights to display all his films to the transport corporations and companies that operates buses to various destinations. And this is inclusive of the dubbing rights also. The point to be noted is, his very recent film, Bheema also features in this list. Isn’t it one more reason to hop on a bus and take off to your favourite destination?

Sachin My Superstar!!

I am a die hard Fan of Sachin. I have all his ODI and Tests centuries on my laptop and I watch them every other day. I get very disappointed when he gets out. My girlfriend unhappy because she thinks that I don’t care about her since I keep talking about his batting and his records. We are proud of you Sachin. You have set standards for all the players across the world. I have never seen a player as calm as you. There is only one SACHIN TENDULKAR. I have a dream that one day I will shake hands with the living legend of cricket. It’s because of you that we respect the game. Cricket is a religion in our country and it is just because of you...Sachin. I just want to say you that keep going and we are always with you and behind you.Because of having a player like you we can say that yes we are Indians and always proud to be an INDIAN... Good Luck.

Hi friends,

Today I am going to talk about some gossips which is not at all technical. Here my words goes...
I hope all of you know about Shreya , popular VJ of SS Music. Recently she came in to Tollywood field. She acted a film "THIMIRU" with Vishal and Vishal’s brother Vikram Krishna is the director of the film. Vikram produced the Vishal starrer blockbuster Thimiru. It is in the sets of Thimiru that Vikram met Shreya and developed friendship that later bloomed into love. Now Vikram is going to tie matrimonial knot to Shreya. The pair were formally engaged in September 2007.The wedding will take place at the Park Sheraton Hotel, Chennai, on 9th March 2008. A day prior to this, a reception will be hosted for the couple at the Kalaignar Arangam, Anna Arivalayam in Chennai.Top artistes and senior politicians along with a host of others are expected to grace the occasion and bless the newlyweds.

Let all tamilians and Shreya fans wish her a happy married life.

Mighty Blow By Indians

Hi everybody,

Have you seen the exciting and thrilling match between Australia and India?
Sure no one wold have missed it!! Yesterday I left all my works and made me free for this awesome match. When we started this tri-series with Australia rain stopped play and i have no hope that India will make off to finals. In between we met with some failures but still our young team have broken through the huddles and reached the top. I was very happy when our team enters the finals and won a match against Australia. This was the second finals where our heros proved to be Indians.

What i thought previously was that it was there home ground and australians will be very strong there, but that was not the case we defeated australia with a powerful fight back given by Praveen Kumar. He was declared the Man Of The Match. Australians insulted Harbjan Sing a lot and now a single victory made australians to realize their mistake. By this match Mr.Adam Gillchrist is out of the game. He announced retiremint from test matches and now one day too. I would like to say the only gentle man of Australian team is Gilli. Lets give him a great send off.

Indians are now the real champions and we ll soon expect our team at the top of the ranking.

Don't let the Easter bunny sneak up on you!

Hi all,

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Avoid Potential Failure

Hi friends,

Today im going to discuss about MOT check. It makes sense to give your bike a pre-MOT check and fix any potential failure points beforehand. Certain items can only be checked using the equipment in the test centre, but the following checks can be done at home. Always clean your bike before taking it for the test.
Lights and horn
Check that the lights work in all switch positions, that the lenses are not cracked and that the headlight beam height is correct. Also check that the turn signals function correctly and flash at the correct rate and that the horn is loud enough.
Check that the exhaust system is mounted correctly and securely. When the engine revs are increased check that the exhaust gases do not leak from any part of the system and that the exhaust noise is not excessively loud. The exhaust system, particularly the end can, must be UK legal.
Apply the brakes and check the wheels can rotate freely when the brakes are freed off. Ensure that the brake pads are not worn, that the fluid level in the reservoirs is correct and that there is no sign of brake fluid leakage. Check that the brake light comes on when each brake is applied.

  • Check that the brake hoses are in good condition.

Steering and suspension
Raise the front wheel off the ground and move the handlebars from lock to lock. They should turn freely and the handlebar ends should not make contact with the fuel tank.

  • With the front wheel off the ground, grasp the forks at the bottom and attempt to push and pull on them - any movement felt here could be due to excessive steering head bearing play.
  • With the bike resting on its wheels and the rider seated, apply the front brake and pump the front forks up and down. The front forks should operate smoothly with good damping action.
  • There should be no sign of oil leakage from the fork seals.
  • Bounce the rear of the bike to check rear suspension action.
    Also check that there is no sign of oil leakage from the rear shock.
  • Raise the rear wheel off the ground and grasp the wheel at its highest point and attempt to pull it up. Movement felt here will be due to worn bearings in the suspension linkage or swingarm pivot.
  • Now grasp each swingarm end and attempt to move the swingarm from side to side and forwards and backwards-movement here indicates worn swingarm bearings.

Differences between a Superbike and a MotoGP bike

Hi ppl.

Do you know that superbikes are different from motoGP bikes?

Superbikes are based on standard production models, MotoGP bikes on the other hand are propotype machines that bear little resemblance to production machines. If they are compared with their car equivalents, a MotoGP bike is the same as a Formula One car while a Superbike is the same as a Touring car.

Where as a touring car could never compete with a Formula One car. the performance gap between a Superbike and a MotoGP bike are much closer. MotoGP bikes develop approximately 230bhp, and reach top speeds of 340 km/h while superbikes develop 220bhp and reach speeds of 320km/h. Based on lap times from circuits where both MotoGP bikes and Superbikes race, superbikes are 2-3 seconds per lap slower than MotoGP bikes. This means that a number of superbikes would be able to easily qualify for a MotoGP race.

Intresting??? I have lots of such stuffs to include keep checking..