Differences between a Superbike and a MotoGP bike

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Do you know that superbikes are different from motoGP bikes?

Superbikes are based on standard production models, MotoGP bikes on the other hand are propotype machines that bear little resemblance to production machines. If they are compared with their car equivalents, a MotoGP bike is the same as a Formula One car while a Superbike is the same as a Touring car.

Where as a touring car could never compete with a Formula One car. the performance gap between a Superbike and a MotoGP bike are much closer. MotoGP bikes develop approximately 230bhp, and reach top speeds of 340 km/h while superbikes develop 220bhp and reach speeds of 320km/h. Based on lap times from circuits where both MotoGP bikes and Superbikes race, superbikes are 2-3 seconds per lap slower than MotoGP bikes. This means that a number of superbikes would be able to easily qualify for a MotoGP race.

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October 18, 2008 at 9:52 PM

yeah,but what mods does a moto gp bike have over a production bike?(i think i read somewhere that they have traction control)