Domain Name Scorecard

Hi Friends,

Do you know what your score is? No, not in the last game you played, not your score on your new Wii Fit, but what your domain score is.

A new place called Network Solutions has a FREE quiz that can let you know how well your own domain name is helping your business succeed online. All you have to do is take a simple 3 question quiz and you will get your very own domain name analysis that shows you an analysis of your domain name in the six key areas of domain name success.

The domain name you have is a powerful asset to how your business thrives. Have you done everything you can with your domain name? Does it help you compete online with other businesses? Take a few minutes and answer 3 quick questions to find out.

Just think off you are searching some information in some site. If your friend have given you the url with wrong extension you can't get into the site. To avoid this you can choose alternate domains so that even if the same problem happens to your own domain it will be re directed.

First step is to start by entering primary domain name, then click Get Started. Next step is to figure out if you have any additional extensions of this exact domain name? (e.g., .com, .net, .org, etc.), which you do not. Then it talks about protecting my brand, and asks if you have registered misspellings and common typing mistakes or names that sound like yours that a competitor might register (e.g., someone might mis-type as Which again, you have not. Some thing related to this I have discussed in last paragraph. Your last question is about Descriptive Domain Names and asks if you have registered domain names that describe your products, services or locality (e.g., a law firm specializing in family law in New York could register "" and "" in addition to the name of their law firm)? Again, this is a NO for me. you can then proceed to my results which will be emailed to me for free.