Sweet Memories Of RD 350

Hi Friends,

Walking slowly along the footpath, your mind is wandering through the crammed mess of the daily routine. Suddenly, for reasons unknown, you snap out of it. It could be the unfamiliar sound of a performance two-stroker. Or the glimpse of additional helpings of chrome. Whatever it is, it's not a ubiquitous sensation.

Your aroused ears catch the unmistakable sound of two cylinders breathing hard in tandem. The powerful song grows louder, and as you whip around, you see a blur, the bike closing rapidly towards you. Looks familiar and very, very fast. The rider flashes his lights as the sound surrounds you. In a thunderclap, it disappears into the distance, leaving behind a small cloud of blue smoke and fresh memories of speed.
The senses are unwilling to let go of the sensation. The sound, the sight and the smell mingle with your blood. Goose pimples dot your skin as an adrenaline overdose raises your heartbeat. For this one moment, you stand face to face with intense jealousy, yours lovingly...



August 6, 2008 at 11:45 PM

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