A Little Nip Here, a Little Tuck There!

Let’s face it! Very few people are blessed with natural beauty! I am not blaming our nature or our parents for it. But also is the fact that these blessed people may not take a good care of their body often end of obese. Also no one is perfect! We all are living up to our satisfaction and with our perception of perfection. Once you look or strive for that perfect image of yours, you need to go to cosmetic surgery center. Introducing Mya, www.mya.co.uk, located in the United Kingdom it’s the leading cosmetic surgery center. You can get breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast upliftment, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose job), body reshaping and facial surgery. They have both surgical and equally effective non-surgical methods which puts them ahead against their competitors! For a breast reduction surgery, look no further, your search for a perfect look is right here. One important thing I look for any cosmetic surgery site is the before and after images of the patient. The site has that section, and you can see the before and after surgery on all types of surgery! Their non-surgical methods such as Laser, Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels and Microdermabrasion speaks for itself how technologically developed they are, and with their high skilled surgeon, you can rest assure that your money is in the right hands that cares, rejuvenates and nurtures your beauty!

Cat actually makes "OM NOM NOM" sound - WTH?

http://neebit.com/s?0080f770d8.flv, This video there, shows a cat that makes the OM NOM NOM sound! For you all cat lovers and owners, you have a new challenge now! [wink] Take a peek into that video and see how exactly the cat made that sound, was that trained or was it just an accident that the owner made it to the tape! So its fun to have cats entertain on a lonely cold morning! :D

Time For Sleep!

Nothing like a deep sleep with no disturbance all the night rejuvenating and refreshing for the next day, and a good bed plays a vital role in that. The bed with 7 feet tall and 5 meters wide for a double and 3 feet wide for a single makes a comfortable size to sleep on. Be it the leather, wooden, french style, antique style, upholstered, divan, metal etc....i prefer a good leather in the winter and go with antique and french style for summer. For my date i prefer divan style or a tuscan one that is perfectly comfortable for two to rock on the whole night. With all the comfortable bed in mind, the place i will go to shop for is Time4Sleep, at www.Time4Sleep.co.uk, a British Online retailer that has a fine assortment of beds and mattresses to comfort your entire night! When is the last time you remember sleeping like a baby? Well with these comfortable beds, you would always sleep like a baby. Children! you are not left behind, they have beds for children too, so your big little world is respected too! When i get out of a fine Java bed, which i call it the metropolis bed, i feel like i am going to attend a meeting the next day, so for me with 4 bed room houses, i can have all kinds of bed to fit my mood and taste and Time4Sleep has it all for me!