Best Gifts For Father

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Most of us have met with a situation where we think of buying gifts for our dads but we wont get any proper idea of what to buy. No more worries I will tell you a best gift which can be used by them to full extent. No one can say that the gift is not valued. You can buy Personalized flash drives from Pexagon and give them as a gift. There are 16 options available vary from 512 MB to 16 GB. The most exciting thing in this you have the choice of choosing your own design.

If you are going to gift your dad for fathers day you can engrave "Happy Fathers Day" in the back side of the flash drive using laser technology. The other side you can choose your own design. Designing is absolutely free and there is no minimum orders also. You can get the text engraved flash drive instantly. They are also providing shipping facility for you. For this they will take 3 business days for delivering your product. If you click the link in this post and order your product you will get 20% discount.

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Honda CBF 600 S and N

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It only takes a mile or so astride the CBF 600 to get to grips with it. Everything is easy and natural, from the riding position to the smoothness of the controls, including the sharpness of steering and flexibility of the engine from the lowest engine speeds. Traffic jams become a mere formality. No jolts caused by the fuel injection tarnish the pleasure of low-speed manoeuvres, the gearbox responds to the slightest touch of your boot. Without a doubt, the CBF will appeal to young motorcycle licence holders, but city-dwelling bikers shouldn’t be immune to this general ease of riding.

The technical specification of this bike is liquid-cooled 16-valve inline-4 cylinder with engine capacity 599 cc. This engine is electronic injection with maximum power output of 76 hp at 10,500 rpm.This bikei has double disc at front and one disc at the back. Top speed of this bike is over 200 km/h (124 mph).Average fuel consumption is 6 l/100 km and average range before reserve is 270 km.

Ultimate Ice Cream Experience

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This post is especially for people between age 13 and 19. Others please encourage your kids to read this post. There is a wonderful opportunity for your kids between age 13 and 19. imixamerica is conducting a talent contest where you have to enter the contest by registering through imixamerica website. The registers who enroll your name by any other means will not be accepted. You are selected by judges and its final. The rules and regulations of the contest goes here.

Once you have registered you are qualified for Awesome Cold Stone Contest. Here you are asked to come up with new recipes for preparing ice creams. The main thing is you have to create your own Signature Creation Ice Cream using the ingredients found at Cold Stone Creamery. By doing this you not only prepare yourself for the contest but also you can taste your creation. So duel purpose right?. So friends don't think of entering just click the link and provide your information honestly. Then you have to submit your recipe and choose a name for it. You will be selected on voting basis. So choose an attractive name and get most of the votes. For the winners they will pay $30,000 + other prizes. You also have the chance of winning $30,000 + in prizes!. Register your name soon!

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2008 BMW HP2 Sport

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With a staggering 130 horsepower, the HP 2 Sport features the most powerful Boxer engine ever designed by BMW Motorrad. For the first time ever, double overhead camshafts are included in our famous opposed twin cylinder motor, kicking out even more revs. Making the HP2 Sport even more track-ready is new Quickshifter technology, which means faster gear changes without having to chop the throttle or use the clutch. Add a fully adjustable Ohlins sport front and rear suspension, Radial mounted Brembo Monobloc brakes, a lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic fairing, not to mention forged racing wheels and tires and a MotoGP-inspired cockpit that computes lap times and other racing data, and the result is one of the most advanced sport bikes to ever scorch the tarmac. So friends what you have to do is just Throttle up and Blast off...

Donate Car

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Jay Jude Balgemino, a billiards buddy from one the Puyat Sports billiards hall I play at saw my posts on Angel Ministries and wanted to know more about its Donate Car and Car Donations programs. And I kid you not! Jay Jude Balgemino was intrigued with the charity programs being conducted by Angel Ministries geared toward helping those in need, e.g., via partner charities involving orphans, widows, single mothers, teen and adult rehab, and prison reform.

Angel Ministries is a non-profit organization serving those wishing to give non-cash contributions to charity. Its staff includes real estate, tax, and legal consultants who have the expertise to handle any type of donation. We are dedicated to provide you with best guidance throughout the donation process. Angel Ministries guarantees no pricey sale ads no smog certificates, no DMV paperwork, no lien or impound releases, and no charges when it tows one’s vehicle regardless of where it is located – it’s an “As is, where is” basis – towing is absolutely free. And the donor gets to choose the charity it wants to benefit! Angel Ministries also gives a full fair market value tax receipt and up to the minute tax advice for those donating their cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, or laptops to charity.
Angel Ministries also has a Donate A House or Property program, where the equity from a real estate serves as a to fund working capital for charity. Certified with the IRS, Angel Ministries’ Houseangel is touted to provide one with the knowledge and expertise necessary to carry out a real estate donation that maximizes benefits for both the donor and the non-profit organization. And it goes without saying that the donor gets to choose the beneficiary from Angel Ministries’ list of partner charities from across the United States. The types of real estate donations accepted by Angel Ministries include homes, apartment buildings, condos, commercial and industrial properties, land, and properties with mortgages, liens, or encumbrances.

Car Angels

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When giving your car away as a donation, you should also be proud. This is another benefit to donating your car. Most individuals, who do donate their cars, are left with a feeling of selflessness and pleasure. Not all individuals make the decision to donate their cars. In fact, if given the opportunity, many car owners would choose to sell their car before donating it to charity. You should be proud of yourself for making to decision to help someone else before helping yourself.

In fact, when it comes to car donations, you will find that you have a number of different options. First, you could contact all local charities and ask if they would like to acquire your car, as a donation. If you do not have the time to do this, you could contact a company or organization that specializes in car donations. Once they have your car in their possession, they will then search for a charitable organization who could use it. Although you will not necessarily know where your car will end up, you will find that using a car donation company saves you time and maybe even money.

Car Angel is a Christian Non-Profit that helps Orphans (over 1500 sponsored through world vision at one time), This organization has been trusted by many sponsors, as they serve wholeheartedly, they have reached many poor countries such as Philippines, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Columbia, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Mexico, to improve educations, and feeding programs, to reach the poor, the outcast and the underprivileged.

Not only can you donate car, you can even donate boat, truck, trailer, RV, tractor, motorcycle or plane which you no longer utilize them. They will arrange for the sales of your donated items and generate the funds to either your preferred beneficiary or their own which includes helping out single mothers, orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab, as well as prison reform.

Not only do you get to write off the charitable donation when it come time to do your taxes, but you will also know that your old car is being used for a good cause or either the proceeds of your old car’s sale will go to deserving charities. I know that I will feel better with the knowledge that the car I’ve been driving for all these years will still be helpful for others.

One of their current projects is to create free DVDs for kids, anti-drug movies and prison literature to be distributed free in the USA to create the awareness on rightful living values. Don’t you feel great that just by donating one item and you can help thousands of lives? Now visit and donate your car and love!

Hayabusa 1300 Features

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Here comes the world's fastest bike Suzuki Hayabusa!!!!!!! This bike has 1340cm3 in-line 4-cylinder fuel-injected liquid-cooled DOHC engine built to deliver a broad wave of torque for effortless acceleration while reducing emissions. This is equipped with optimized 6-speed transmission; oil spray to the 4th, 5th and 6th gears reduce wear and mechanical noise during highway cruising. This bike has 6 speed transmission. Overall length of this bike is 2,195 mm and the height is 1,170 mm. This bike has dry weight of 220kg. This bike makes top speed upto 195 mph. Imagine your body weight at that speed!!!!! woow!!!!!!!!!

And whom do you relate to?

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This is all about a new begining of an great drama of Mary Shannon.USA Network's new original series In Plain Sightis going to release  on the 1st of June 2008. This show is all about solving crimes but it is rather different from others crime dramas. The characters are involved in Federal Witness Protection Program (WITSEC) where their main responsibility is to protect the witnesses because the bad guys want them dead before they could appear in court.

After reading the In Plain Sight characters, I think that Marshall Mann has quite similar personalities compared to myself. I consider myself as knowing a little bit about everything and I am able to relate something to that little knowledge and come up with new ideas or explanation. Don't think that I am praising myself but the truth is I will grasp things quickly and I can easily sort out the problems. I am relating myself to him  not merely because he is the lead actor. If you take the time to read through the characters’ profile, you too, will find one of the characters that somehow resemble you. Try it its intresting!

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New Yamaha FZ 150

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The team Yamaha was thinking about their favourite wrestler in mind while designing this bike it seems because this has got a great muscular look. This bike gets its looks from the global FZ series known for awesome looks and tremendous power. Everything about this bike is big, the wide tyres, the huge tank, the beefy forks. Viewed side on it looks like a well built athelete on the start line flexing its muscles, waiting to smash all the records. The engine will be a 150cc air cooled unit but tuned for low and mid range torque than top end rush, so expect this to be an effortless performer. Coming from Yamaha, expect top class finish and highest quality cycle parts. More technical specifications comes in future posts so keep visiting my site.

Find Where is Mary?

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The picture you are seeing above is a famous actress Mary Shannon. I am including this picture for you to have a look. Now a small game for you if you can find where the above picture in hidden in the image gallery of Plain Site. If you succeeded wit the search just report me where it is by adding a comment. I will comment about your blog in reply.

USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight is a new drama series which starts on the 1st of June 2008The story line goes here. The quick 411 on the show is that it’s about Mary Shannon, who is a U.S. Marshal that works for the Federal Witness Protection Program known as WITSEC. Mary and her partner Marshall Mann have the duty and obligation to protect the witnesses and families under their direction in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Friends don't miss out an exciting season ahead with this show. Enjoy your life!

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Tips From Eddie Lawson To Become A successful Biker

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When Eddie Lawson returned from the 500cc Grand Prix wars to ride a Vance & Hines Yamaha Superbike in the 1993 Daytona 200, he had to get a handle on an unfamiliar motorcycle without the benefit of prior testing. To do so, he spent his initial practice sessions exploring the full range of suspension and chassis adjustments before he even tried to go fast. The results were predictable: He won the race after an epic battle with Mr. Daytona, Scott Russell. And then went onto a modestly successful career in Indycar racing, where his methodical approach served him equally well.

Hometown Hiding

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Today I am going to discuss about a USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. This is going to show its face to us by June 1st 2008. Check your local listings for show times, but it should be 10 Eastern / 9 Central. This serial is all about Mary Shannon. She is the heroine of this creation.

The story line goes here. The quick 411 on the show is that it’s about Mary Shannon, who is a U.S. Marshal that works for the Federal Witness Protection Program known as WITSEC. Mary and her partner Marshall Mann have the duty and obligation to protect the witnesses and families under their direction in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. If i get a chance of relocating my place that is if I had to be moved as a part of the Witness Protection Program then I will choose Albuquerque because the theme of the story is around this area.

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Be aware of changing track conditions.

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A track can change so much from race to race. I was racing at my home track when it rained halfway through the meeting. I had gone out to have a look at the track after my race when a corner marshall pointed out to me that nearly every rider was following one slippery line into a berm. I went out for my next race and took a higher line into the corner that had a lot more traction and made up ground on the riders in front of me every lap by being able to brake later and having a better entry line into the corner. You may not always be able to get right up to the track between races but it pays big dividends to be aware of how the track changes through the day.

Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody

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Here is a good news for manga lovers. NCM Fathom and Viz Media present Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody to select movie theatres nationwide for two nights only, that is on June 11th and 12th at 7:30 PM. This movie is adapted from the wildly popular animated series and a best-selling manga series made by the Japanese artist Tite Kub. Tite Kub is a wonderful artist with great creative thinking. All his creations are simply awesome. This event includes interview with the director of this movie. Friends advance booking of tickets are available now by entering your zip code. Seating is Limited - get your tickets EARLY!
Don't miss out this chance. This film is going to be a blockbuster for sure!!

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Step 4: Oil and other Maintenance

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Use synthetic oil in your Honda motorcycle. Using synthetic oil can pick you up around 1-2 horsepower. Synthetic oil reduces engine friction, improve engine efficiency, and as a result can make your baby go that much faster.The fifth step is to insulate those fuel lines. The cooler your fuel is the more power you get. Purchasing something as simple as insulation used in air conditioners can do the job and you can even insulate the intake arm to increase the effect.

Classic Style

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Dressing is the main factor which decides ones attitude and status. Even if you do not look smart, if you dress well then you will be the boss of the day. Just now I finished seeing the pictures of JANE KELTNER. Her dressing style is awesome. She has tried so many combinations and comes out with success. If you don't know about her no problem I will tell other example. All of us knows about the famous Roger Federer, He is the world champion in Tennis. All of us have seen him in the court smashing the opponents, but have you ever seen him in parties and occasions. He looks so charm and perfect gentleman all these credits goes to him because of his dressing only.

Basically I am guy who likes to impress everyone who looks at me. So from this you can get that I will have a good dressing sense. And I also have good taste of selecting dress and I will mix good combinations. I have only branded materials, and if comes as branded i will suggest only Dockersbecause they are the ones that know you best. They fit to your dressing style, they represent who you are and what you are and what you are going to be.

As i mentioned earlier in my blog DOCKERS is conducting a TV commercial video contest or Dockers contest. In this you also can participate and prove your talent, there are exciting prizes to be won . You can also upload your video files to their site so that you will be recognized soon. So friends take part in Dockers contestand win exciting prizes. Best of luck..

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Step 3: Indexing Your Spark Plugs

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Indexing your spark plugs is another step you can take. This should give you approx. one more horse in the area of horsepower. What you want to do is take the open end (called the gap) of your spark plug terminal and place it toward the intake of the head. Simply make a mark where the gap is and put your spark plug in its proper space like normal. Just do the best you can to line up the mark you made with the intake side. To be safe you may want to buy two sets of spark plugs in case you an't get it the first time, and if you succeed in installing them the first try you will have an extra set for when they need to be changed.

Savings Account From WaMu

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Every one in this world if they earn they need some sort of saving their earnings. There are lots of banks for serving this purpose. But for each and every bank the terms and conditions differs some bank are profitable and some banks have hidden charged which will annoys the people. Now I am going to speak about a company which offers you the best Savings Account in this world. WaMu is a company which have got many exciting offers and trustable. Some of the features offered by WaMu are free online banking, free electronic statements. Online banking allows you to sit in the home and you can know about the current status of your account, you can check your account balance, you can check transactions report and by this way you can see up to 13 months of transaction history. Also you can download your statements for your reference. So this is highly reliable. You can also transfer funds between accounts through online banking facility.

All you need to do for opening an account is just fill in a online registration form and $1 of deposit. The main thing you have to notice here is if your account balance falls below $300 you need to pay $4 as penalty. No other hidden charges applies. You don't have to pay any monthly charges for checking your account online or for using any other features. They are giving you another facility of linking your savings account and checking account. Sign up for Overdraft Transfer Service and available funds will be transferred from your linked Online Savings account to your checking account to prevent overdrafts or other NSF transactions like bounced checks. This depends on transaction limits and funds availability. They also allow to use ATM to withdraw funds. Again this depends on transactions limit and funds availability, but you no need to worry about that because the limit will be well above your needs. Open your account and plan a successful life. For more details check out Thank you!

Step 2: Concentrate on Suspension

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The second step is to maintain your suspension. Proper suspension maintenance is very important to ensure that you are safe when riding and will provide you with a
bike that handles well on the road and gives you the feeling that you are one with your bike. You will become more perceptive when riding while knowing the difications you have done are relatively cheap or can be done at no cost at all.

Payday Loans ABC

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Nowadays all people are looking forward to live a luxurious life. But for living such a life the wont be having enough financial background. There are some people who lived a luxurious life but unfortunately they might have lost in business or due to some reason they cannot continue the same luxurious life. For these people i will introduce a helping company Payday Loan ABC. This payday Loan ABC is looking forward to lend money to people who does not want to borrow from neighbours and those who have no balance in their credit cards. Why I am insisting credit card is they are not bothered about your credit history. They are ready to lend you support by giving you money as loans which may be as low as $100 or as high as $500.

The advantage involved here is you will get you money in a single day, that is the reason they have kept the name payday loans. All you need to do is just fill and submit a form through online. They will contact you by email and tell you what you have to do. If you are eligible you are asked to submit three things they are current pay stub, current bank statement,and a voided check for those with a checking account. Then once they are satisfied with this details it wont take more than a day to see your money credited in your bank account. Its safer and there is no need for any foot work here. You can finish this deal by sitting in front of your PCs. Also they are writing daily news articles about leading payday loan companies and provide links to the web's top sources for payday lending information.This keeps you updated about latest news regarding the same. Start your carrier with Paydayloans and continue with your luxurious life. Feel free to visit for more details. Thank you!

Step 1: Concentrate On Tyres

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Buy a set of great tires based on your riding needs. Where racing tires are designed to give you the best hold on the road, they may not last as long of a time. They are also designed to work better at specific temperatures such as those on the race track. If the road temperatures are below what the tires are made for, then you can have big problems. Despite the fact that those who make racing tires are designing tires for various different types of sport riding, you want your tires to be tailored to your riding habits. Street tires, on the other hand are pretty self-explanatory. They are made for street and highway riding and will yield a longer life than a sport tire.

European Man Hug

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This video is specially dedicated to British people because they don't like showing physical affection towards other Continent people.Let me introduce a new product which overcomes this fear and feel yourself free to express the feelings physically.Introducing new Heineken which is a Dutch company and the continentals are not scared of showing physical affection unlike the British. So if anybody drink this product you will feel free and even if an European Man Hug you, you wont feel embarrassed.

The tag line pun on the head of the beer is 'get the head right and the rest will follow' , which in Holland is served with a large frothy head. This special beer needs special storage condition. The main thing in this beer is its taste. It cannot be expresen in words. It has got a new attractive look and the new technology is its mouth. They have explained how to pour the beer into the glass to avoid extra foam. Better visit their site to have a look at flash animated beer. Enjoy your life with Heineken!!
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Tips For Better Performance In Honda Bikes

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A Honda motorcycle is a great bike to own so you'll want to
make sure you get the best performance out of it while ensuring it will
last you for a very long time. If you take care of your motorcycle it
isn't hard to keep it in pristine running condition. There is a series of steps you can take to make sure that you get optimal performance out of your Honda Motorcycle.

I will mention five steps you can follow to optimize your bikes performance.
Granted the performance is superb when you first bought it, so
you'll want to maintain that high quality. So if you want to know the tips you have to regular to my blog. I will start the tips from the next post:) Be regular you will be benefited surely.

Combat Alcohol Boating Deaths

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This post is to create some awareness and i request you to read this carefully and act as a responsible citizen. Most of the people living in the world are addicted to alcohols. If I say please stop consuming alcohol no one will listen to it because they have experienced pleasure consuming it. Arizona Boating is facing many problems in recent years. In Arizona most of the accidents are caused because of this alcohol. Is it necessary for such a dreadful thing which kills humans?. They have reported that 50% of all fatal boating accidents in Arizona were alcohol related in 2007 and 1/3 of all fatal boating accidents nationwide are alcohol related. In 2007 Arizona watercraft law enforcement agencies arrested over 350 people who were operating watercraft under the influence (OUI) of alcohol. Do you think this is an achievement for the country for having such citizens?. Its ridiculous!

Driving a car needs proper coaching but driving a boat does not require any coaching in the state of Arizona. However trained boaters avoids boat accidents in most cases. So it is recommended to undergo Boating Education Online or Boating Education in person so that we can avoid accidents and loose lives.

Friends watch these videos and create awareness within yourselves. Boating Operating Under the Influence of alcohol is highly punishable. Please have in mind that we are the future of our country so let us not spoil the name of the country by involving in such activities. Please act as an educated person and have the habit of advising uneducated people regarding this. 

Sponsored by Boating Education

What Is Bhp And CC?

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We are using bikes and cars without knowing what is cc and what is bhp. Here is the chance to update our knowledge. Horsepower is the amount of "power" the engine produces without any frictional losses. 1 mechanical horsepower = 33,000 ft-lbs per minute.
BHP is "brake horsepower" which is how much power is located at the crankshaft after factoring in frictional losses caused by the engine (bhp is less than hp, because after passing through the engine, friction and heat cause the amount of original horsepower to decrease.)
CC is "cubic centimeters" which is how many cubic centimeters of air that the engine displaces (sucks in) in the given amount of cylinder bores in the engine (ci is used in American motors; ex: 454ci (popular Chevy engine) 351ci (popular Ford engine) 440ci (popular Chrysler engine)).
A cylinder is the bore (space) in which the piston moves in the engine (the radius of the cylinder squared times pi times depth of the cylinder multiplied by how many cylinders there are equals the "CC" of an engine; ex: volume of cylinder * 8 cylinders (for an eight cylinder engine) = the "CC" or "CI" of the engine).

I hope the information I have provided here is usefull to you. Keep visiting my site for more usefull informations thank you..

Shopping Feedback

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Due to increase in world population where ever we goes queue follows us. We may have pocket full of money but still we have to wait in the queue for buying our lovable things. This sometimes causes vexed mind and may create some hard hearted towards the things we are going to buy. If this happens in the normal days think off the days during black Friday. Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving where the dealers will give discount for the product they are selling. This yields them high profit. There are 2008 thanksgiving specials which is kept secret and released only through thanksgiving day news paper. But no more keep this as a secret and shows everything transparently to you.

Thus you can plan your purchase and you can sort out the things you are going to buy according to the budget you can afford. More over this avoids standing before the shops from 5am by enabling online purchasing for your precious day. They also give email alerts about when the product is going to be released. So what you have to do in switch on the computer and make your click on the product which you like. Is it not easy? For example if you want to buy things related to tractor then feel free to click the link provided for tractor products you will be displayed with the products results. From that you can choose what you want. Like wise they have all types of products from baby accessories to automobiles parts. Celebrate your black-Friday with

*My Disclosure*

Rossi Style Of Dealing Corners

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I will explain you how Rossi handles his bike in corners. What he do exactly is he avoids using the break instead he reduces the gear to 2nd and lean towards the corner. He makes sure that he is closer to corner so that no one behind him overtakes him. Then after he passes half corner he again shift the gear to one position up and race till the next corner thus he retain his position while he is racing. By doing so sometime he misses but most of the time success follows him.

I Signed up for SocialSpark!

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Today I will write a brief note about SocialSpark. I was using socialspark for past 30 days. I have found many advantages and new advancements in this site. Nowadays we can see that the increase in number of bloggers is drastic. I know very well that 75% of the bloggers are aiming to earn through their blogs. Do you think that every one gets a job to do so that every one can earn. Friends you would have experienced that you may be getting less number of jobs from other sites and you might be getting less payment. All these problem is because of increase in population of bloggers. We should be happy about that but in other hand our profit is decreased. To overcome these difficulties an exciting new website has emerged with exciting features. I will explain everything with screen shots so that you will believe my words.

The above is the proof of high paid jobs. Likewise there are lots of jobs for you to write about and you can earn quickly and easily. Here there is no need for you to wait in front of the monitor to see when is the job going to be released. You can relax and visit the socialspark when you are free the job will be waiting for you. What you have to do is just reserve it you will be given another 12 hours time to finish the job. Is it not interesting?

The above screen shot shows you that you can earn bonus for your posts. If you write the post in impressive way you will be awarded with bonus. Bonus amount means not just 5 or 10. It will be in triple digit. Won't you feel happy if your post is awarded with bonus payment?. And this option you cannot find anywhere else. Only in socialspark you get all these benefits.

You would have seen only sponsored posts in other sites. But here they have 3 types of opportunities. Sponsored posts, blog sponsorship, spark which is shown above. Sponsored post is like other normal posts where you have to write about advertiser and get paid. Blog sponsorship means if your blog has good targeted visitors your blog will get sponsorship. Here you have to just accept the offer you will be paid daily till the sponsorship runs out. Spark is the wonderful opportunity for you to meet other bloggers. This helps you to improve your page rank and this also increase your traffic score. Even you can create these opportunity by creating an account as advertiser which is free totally. For more details visit their site.

All opportunities will be displayed to you, if you like to write about any particular opportunity which is not available to you socialspark allows you to contact advertiser and the opportunity will be made available to you which is like as shown above. So this socialspark not only connects blogger and advertiser but also enables us to maintain relationship with them. Everyone will be aware of orkut, facebook etc. Here also you can start your communities and make friends. They will vote your blog if it is impressive which is good for improving your score. So socialspark not only allows us to earn money but also helps us to improve the quality of the blog.

Socialspark follows certain codes of ethics. 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure which means each and every post which you write to them is disclosed within the post and thus it does not hurts your readers. 100% Transparency this allows your readers to be aware that you are working for advertiser and allows them to differentiate paid reviews from other. 100% Real Opinions this allows you to write your own reviews. That is you have the freedom of expressing you own ideas about an particular review in good way. This also ensures that advertiser does not force you to write dishonest reviews. The final code of ethic is important and very very useful one that is 100% Search Engine Friendly. Socialspark includes "nofollow" tag in all links which they ask you to include in your post by doing this your search engine rank wont be affected. That is its avoids google of thinking that the link is paid one. So your page rank remains unaffected.

If you want to know more about SocialSpark visit their site. I highly recommend you to create an account right now and start earning today. Happy earnings with socialspark!!!
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Me And My Yamaha R15

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What you are seeing now is me with new Yamaha R15. The rate of this bike is confirmed and it comes around 1 lakhs 7 thousand rupees. The launch date is also confirmed it is on jun 13th. Bookings have started already. Still they did not give the confirmed report of bhp. When I asked them yesterday they said its 22 bhp. When I ask today they said its sure 16+. But the top speed is surely above 140km/hr they added this. Friends the bike is having different look in direct view. It is more sexy in real view. If you look at the front you can't differentiate it with Yamaha R1. Only the rear part shows the difference. When I asked about the tyre they told if we change the tyre the pickup and grip will be spoiled. They said we should not change the tyres.

Unlimited time tunnel

Hi Friends,
Have you heard of sky diving? You should know about taht more. We have seen the sky diving videos in televisions and enjoyed but learning more about them makes me understand how difficult it is. Regarding sky diving the difficulty is faced not only by the performer but also the camera man to capture each and every frame of the event. It is in the hands of camera man to give more shape to this great game. Do you think it is possoble to capture the performers in action from the ground. Absolutely not because we cant get any image if we point the camera to the sky from the ground. Instead the camera man is also a trained sky diver. He will also be in action along with sky divers and he will shoot the action. They shows that Difficult is worth doing by giving out perfect result.

The sky divers are given practice inside the wind tunnel and he is asked to learn all the move inside it so that they will make sure that he does not make any mistake in air.Talking about the Honda Accord ad this technology is extended to it. That is when the car is moving faster in dirt areas the camera man cannot go run along with the car and capture the scene. Instead a high resolution camera in mounted in the car itself in such a way that they dont miss out any frame and also they will get clear image withiut disturbance. The camara is controllable by sitting inside the car using a joy stick. Thus they maintain the quality of the ad and we are atracted by seeing it. Honda is simply great in using technologies lik this. For more details check out Thank you!!
Sponsored by Honda

Confirmation Report Of Yamaha R15

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Finally the bike is displayed in almost all the famous show rooms.This bike is displayed in a show room in Chennai and I went to see the bike. I was very eager to know about the bike. I asked many questions but I could get answer only for some of them. The told about bhp figures its around 22 bhp. When I asked about top speed they told the bike is crossing 150 km/hr easily and its highly stable. The cost of the bike will be around 950000Rs on road. They did not tell about mileage and they did not tel about releasing date. But they told in a guess that this will release in next month.

Regarding the look of the bike I am really tensed to see the rear part. Its majestic in front but the rear is not compromising. My suggestion is after buying the bike change the rear tyre and mud guard. If Yamaha people realize this and if they do some changes to rear then i would say there is no flaw in this bike. There are 2 colors blue and black. Black looks royal. My choice will be black.

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$15,000 Online Video Contest

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Yamaha R15 A Close Look

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My friend went to Bangalore show room for seeing Yamaha R15 that time he took this video which is very clear. The Yamaha officials are telling that this bike is having 20-22 bhp for sure. The top speed is 150km/h. This is the tested results given by test drivers. So we can probably expect this bike in the month of June. Get ready for the new ride!

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Who's Number Is That?

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Perfect Body Position In Corners

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Who Just Called Here

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How to get your knee down

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It is important to know how to take a turn in track. That is you can do in 2 ways one by slowing down your bike to some 30 kph and take a turn, the second way is to keep you vehicle in a steady speed which is controllable by you and lie down at the corners. This second technique is called knee down. By doing so you can gain the chance of winning the race safely. There is proper method of doing knee down which is illustrated in the video. Go ahead and watch it!!

Flex Your Lenses

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Yamaha R1 Specifications

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Here comes the specifications of master of all superbikes. This most innovative bike from Yamaha has 16 valves 4 for each cylinder. So totally this bike has 4 cylinders. This 4 cylinder bike has the engine volume of 998cc. Due to such a high cc this produces a high heat which is controlled by liquid cooled radiators. This has 6 speed transmission with 2 hydraulic disc at the front and one at the back. Length of this bike is 81.1 inches and the height is 43.7 inches. Wheel base of this bike is 55.7 inches thus provides a high grip in higher speeds. This bike has fuel capacity of 4.75 gal. With all these features this bike has 1 year warranty which is very limited because the cost of this babe is $11699. Is it affordable?

If These Pants Could Talk!

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Today I am going to talk about my old lucky pants. I bought a pair of pants one with black color and another one with cream color when I was doing my first year degree. Now I am doing my 3rd year degree and its 2 years past i bought those two pants. I love those 2 pants and i will wear it often. The most pitiable thing is after my college gets over I used to go to gym and I will do exercise there for full 3 hrs with those same pants. Even if you see those pants today I misses just a packing to be sold as a brand new one. This is because those 2 pants turns out to be from Dockers.

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Scott Russell Speaks Out!

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Once upon a time (1994), in a land far, far away (Malaysia), there was a press introduction for the then-new Kawasaki ZX-9R. It was hot--really hot--and the sketchy stock Bridge-stone tires gave me fits until I watched Scott Russell ride. Undaunted by the lack of traction (he'd experienced worse at the end of races), the reigning World Superbike champion set a blistering pace 4 seconds per lap quicker than the fastest journalist, and slewed sideways off the corners in complete control. How'd he do that? Simple: He weighted the inside footpeg to break the rear tire loose, then weighted the outside peg to get it to hook back up.

DeathNote in Theaters Near You

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Here is the another film for you to enjoy with supernatural action-mystery manga. This a fabulous story which you want to watch really. Death Note is based on the hit supernatural action-mystery manga, and chases the story of Light Yagami an ace student who came across the
DeathNote, a notebook dropped by a rouge Shinigami death god named Ryuk. Some human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and light has swear to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil.

Friends do not forget to watch the movie in big screen. This movie is going to show its face on May 20th and 21st at 7:30 PM. This wont end with this after the movie gets over there is a exclusive show of how the popular manga translates to live action as well as the hit theme song "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Don't miss this chance.. Book your tickets now!!
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Yamaha R6 Technical Specifications

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Yamaha R6 is built of 600cc inline 4 valve 4 stroke engine. The power which is generated by this engine is 120 HP (87.6 kW)) @ 13000 RPM. This has the torque up to 68 Nm (6.9 kgf-m or 50.2 ft.lbs) @ 11500 RPM. This is liquid cooled engine with 6-speed transmission. The weight of the bike is 169kgs and the seat height is 820mm which is adjustable. The wheel base makes up to 1380mm which provides more grip in corners. It has got 2 disc in the front and one rear disc. The top speed of this bike is 260.0 km/h. This has the fuel tank capacity of 17 litres.

Financial Advice

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From the site you can get all kind of financial advices. They help you in improving your money, your life, investments, pension plan management etc.. They also give advise in areas such as tax treatment, charges and investment returns. They will constantly watch the updates in the world and apply them in your life which best suits your financial status. All their advisers are qualified and will provide you with professional and impartial advice. They always suggest solutions for your needs that work throughout all stages of your life, including a child's education, buying a house, protection for your family, saving for retirement and Inheritance Tax planning. Call 0845 686 3838 to talk to the professionals regarding the same.

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Yamaha R15 On Road

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Look at the pickup of the R15. This is the video of the dream bike on Indian road. As I mentioned in previous post this might be 2 of the 5 bikes under testing. Speaking about the style while it is on road it is highly impressive at the front than rear. If the manufacturar take some effort to increase the size of rear tyre and the rear part, the vehicle will rock each and every road.

Truly Harrowing

Hi Friends,

The Trailer promises everything that a horror movie trailer should.... The music in it itself creates the feel of impending doom. The desperate cry of a boy,will make you think about what he must have gone through... The lady(Yasmine ,as I have learnt from the synopsis), at first looks helpless and desperate to escape,but as the movie progresses,she looks to be transformed into a person who is no more running away from the truth or her fate...and who has "nothing to lose"!

There are terrifying secrets,even terrifying killings,and scenes that can haunt you for days....Frontier(s) seems to be knee-deep in controversy for its uncut and unrated version,that was screened in select theater listings for a week,starting from the 9th of May.

Unrated movies never make it to any theater,and the fact that Frontier(s) has,and the curiosity that the trailer arouses,make it a MUST-WATCH!

For die-hard fans of horror movie who didn't get to see the movie in the theatres....DVDs of the uncut,unrated version will be available shortly!

For those interested to have a glimpse of life-'after- life',the movie promises nothing less.... Go ahead and indulge yourself in....... "HELL"

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The Nightmare Awards

Hi Friends,
Long time i was been waiting for a real Horror Movie. Just now finished watching the Trailer of Frontier(s). Its simply awesome. This film has all the qualities of a real horror movie. That is this film is scary and has got lots of actions. This film still remains unrated due to some reasons. The reason behind this movie not get listed in all theaters is this has got a high horror rating. The scenes involved in this film is not erasable from your mind. The film carries an awesome social commentary about raising a kid in a horrible word or quite possibly a horrible family. When you're rooting for the main character’s baby to die before it’s born, you know you’re watching some heavy. If you want to know more information about this film you can check their site and also read the user comments. Fro their comments itself you can make out that this is a fantastic movie. This film will get R rating only if some of the scenes are edited or deleted. So they have decided to release the movie unedited in few theaters. This is the history behind being listed in limited number of theaters.

As i said earlier this movie is going to be released only in few theaters. Select theater listings from their site and find which one is nearer to you. Unfortunately none of the theater s near to me. I am ver sad that i could not see the movie on the big screen on very first day. Friends please don't miss to see the film very first day itself because they may cut some scenes in later shows. Frontier(s) is a type of movie to be enjoyed by seeing uncensored version. Actually I am a great fan of Horror movies unfortunately i had to miss this movie.

** Please realize this Opp is about a horror movie and some of the images as well as the movie trailer may not be suitable for all audiences **

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