Ogorky Kiszone

It's cucumbers at jars, the one you use to make soups. The term is a polish term and when you google it you can see the images for yourself. When i was talking to a friend of mine, she says that they in poland in winter season, does this process in their home with many jars all over. This cucumbers in jars just like pickling is a process of preserving it for a duration of time before it reacts to become seasoned that it tastes really well when used it in soups! 

LA Police Gear

When you go the gun store get the rifles ready to practice a few hits, you find its easy to shop and get a better gun from online store! So you come to this gun shop to try and test the items you have found online, but seldom buy from that gun shop. Most people do these in a reverse way, they research a product online and get them offline, but in this case LApoliceGear.com makes you research the guns online, check them out offline and then come back again to get them from online. The deal is the best at LAPoliceGear selling items such as range & shooting gear, holsters, molle gear, tactical gear, tactical knife, backpacks, belts, apparels, eyewear and so many military items...As you browse the site you can clearly see the top brands at the top left hand corner, below that you can browse by brands and categories. Remember the military service that guards the coal mine, with flashlights on their head, in the night walking on the mine with tactical gears! Also in the time of trouble, you would have seen the military people with all those gears and masks that you can hardy spot pin point and name it, well as my friend is an Ex-Navy person, i am bound to know all these facts, he use to call the stuffs with brand names and always buys them at style. Noe you no need to worry about getting good goods, at LAPoliceGear.com, which is started by the Police officers around LA area clearly knows the type of stuffs you are looking for. Fire away to site and browse more with the search tool for your favourite item and see how much you can save during the next round of purchase! There are also free stuffs you get for orders over $125 and the Customer support is excellent!


The race versus Blueray and HD Dvd is almost over. And the winner is clearly the Blueray which has more disk space comparatively and as well is efficient perform wise.For Sony and other moserbaer it would only take a few hours to shift from making dvds to blurays disks! The future of high definition video experience is upon us very soon!

File Types

Have you ever wondered when you first come across a file format and don’t know which software or program that can open it? Or heck you are wondering why that file is so long and whether it’s an archive file, video file or even a database dump in a comma seperated value files or CSV? It happened to me many times, I immediately to the google to look it up; seldom would I find the file extension and no proper solution. Introducing File-Types.com the site dedicated to provide information on all types of known and unknown file extension and the program or software associated to open it, what the file does, it’s type and what are all the programs that support this file extension and even information on similar file extensions. As you see the site, the latest extension is .widget the one that yahoo widget uses to label it’s widgets and now after you install yahoo widget the .widget gets automatically assigned to open with yahoo widgets. One more thing I like in the in the windows is that, it saves information regarding all the programs that can open a similar file for example, csv file, it can be opened with Microsoft excel, notepad and open office.

Taj Hotel

In 1900 Tata's grandfather came to mumbai to stay in a hotel, but they denied him that the hotel is only for foreigners! So he and birla planned together and in 1909 built a Hotel named Taj for $100k usd even before India got independence. The famous hotels one day rent is around $500 to $800 a day now and it's now valued over $100 Million. The hotel is proud to host even Queen Elizabeth one time. It's where indian cricket players stay in too!  


Introducing YouReviewElectronics.com, a review site that reviews all the electronics product inside out! Whether it be consumer electronics product such as LCD, BlueRay Player, Plasma TV or HDTV, the site makes it their job to get the product, try it on , check all the specification and write an honest review that you can use tomake your purchasing decision! Products can be browsed by the type of electronic products or brand. Top brands such as sony, samsung, toshiba, kenstar, vizio... are covered. 

Each HDTV's product specifications are mentioned alon with the review. For example if you see  for Samsung HDTV reviews, you see it review along with the detailed specification on features that you most look for is mentioned clearly, that allows for comparison between similar brands and evaluate pros and cons all on the site, before even going to the shop and asking for their catalogue! 

Dot com mogul

Who is the real dot com mogul? John chow a blogger at johnchow.com claims he is one, yet he only makes about $30,000 a month? is that enough to become a dot com mogul. If you ask me Sergey brin and larry page are the Dot com mogul with their lastest acquisitional spree buying dot com companies left and right! If Google.com was founded by a single man, he would have been the richest guy in the planet!  

Error & Port Library

Once again Uniblue did it! They provided a very valuable resource when they released Dll Library. Now they are releasing Port and Error code Library on www.pc-library.com. PC Library provides information on system errors - what it means and how to resolve it, port numbers – what it means and what application or process it is associated with!

On the home page you can find two tabs – port and errors. Errors section allows you to browse different system error code and provides details on what it is, why it occurs and how to resolve it. Port section allows you to browse various port numbers, and provides specific information on each one such as what application or software it is associated with and how errors are caused and software recommendation to resolve and prevent it!

For example let’s take tcp port 37777. As you can see it’s related to TCP protocol and it’s associated with Digital video recorder hardware. The error page shows you software recommendation based on performance, stability and drivers.

When you browse by error code range or port code range the interface is easy to use, and the particular error code or port code is easy to find. Yet another but useful resource from uniblue after Dll library!

Space walk

Astronauts Haidemarie stephanyshyn-piper and steve bowen completed 7 hours of space walk fixing rotaty joint, which is used to rotate and track the sun. It's a vital component and it's the marathon 7 hour space walk was necessary! 

Application Errors

Have you wondered why your computer is slow sometimes? It’s because there are numerous windows processes that are running in the background! To view them hit windows + R on your keyword, you will a get a run application window, type ‘taskmgr’ and task manger will open up! Select process tab to see the list of processes.  Because of the numerous application that are running in the background, when they prompt an error oftentimes you can’t identify where it’s coming from. 

For example if you are avid online gamer and play games such as F.E.A.R, they ask you to install an anti cheat software called the Punkbuster. You might have encountered many errors one such is pnkbstra.exe communication failure. Follow that link to learn more about that error! Not only that, www.application-error.net provides information on all the known application processes, errors associated with them and even solutions to solve that.

You can also stop/pause these processes by opening run application window by hitting Windows key + R, and typing ‘msconfig’ and navigating to processes tab. Once you identified the process that’s giving you troubles, head over to www.application-error.net and search for it, often time you will have a topic covering that process, its application errors and a step-by-step solution to solve that problem. www.application-error.net is your one stop place to get information on all your application errors and how to  solve them.  

First impressions with gmail themes

Today i am going to talk about a cool feature introduced in gmail - Gmail themes! If you are yet to see this feature, look for a tab near search bar, that says customize themes. If you cant see it or find in the settings tab, google is still rolling out to all accounts and yours will be available shortly. 30 different themes to choose from, and more will be added. 

To change the themes, go to Themes tab under Settings in your gmail screen. For further help visit Themes Help Center

This is what people at the Gmail blog has to say 

"We wanted to go beyond simple color customization, so out of the 30 odd themes we're launching today, there's a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your inbox into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can rain on your mailbox, and fun characters to keep you in good company. There's even an old school ascii theme (Terminal) which was the result of a bet between two engineers -- it's not exactly practical, but it's great for testing out your geek cred. We've also done a minor facelift to Gmail's default look to make it crisper and cleaner -- you might notice a few colors and pixels shifted around here and there."

Out of all the themes, i personally liked the "Tea house" themes, which changed the sunrise/sunset and weather according to your location. WOW! The location is asked when you themes that needs one. I am yet to see the raining effect :D

Reverse phone search is the last resort!

Have you ever felt compelled to find the person’s address, but you only know their phone number? Have you ever though of surprising a long time family member or friend whose only contact is via phone, by sending a birthday card or Christmas greetings? Or heck, do you need to find that anonymous telemarketer to complain or detect the prank calls you get late night? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you need to do what is called a Reverse Phone Search!

Covering all the states in the US, a Reverse phone search is what you need to uncover the person behind any calls. You may need to be aware of the free reverse lookup services that are claiming to get the result for free, but in reality they don’t have the infrastructure to hold all the phone numbers and their associated contacts in their database. So even if it costs you a bit, a paid Reverse Phone Search is a reliable one!


The place where i live, there is a antique shop. Old antique south indian sculptures made of brass were kept at the entrace which garnered enough visits to the shop. Today i was suprised to see that two female sculptures, one one right, another on the left were missing, probably sold. They were replaced with some wooden entrance welcoming sculptures that isn't that much interesting.

Webhosting Review site that hosts a great amount of offers!

As a full time affiliate marketer, I know how important it is to help find the right deals that the customers are looking for. When your business is entirely online, or you want to have a hobby site, you need to get a domain and host it on a reliable web hosting service, rather than using a free hosting service, even though if it’s free from ads! 

When you have a domain idea of your choice, the next step you need to do is go to www.webhostinggeeks.com and learn about different hosting services. Why you need to reinvent the wheel when someone is making it as their job and helping people find a good hosting company since 2004. I wish I had known this site, when I first started out in 2006! Let’s face it, there are many web hosting reviews site, and I am always skeptical when it comes to a review site and I wont endorse it, unless it really stands out and capture my attention with all the things I am looking for, but I must admit this is the most neatly organized web hosting reviews site I have ever seen!

If you are thinking of a multiple site, I’d recommend you use different hosting accounts for many technical advantages you get. For example, when you use same hosting for all the sites you own, you need to use the add-on domain feature and that new site would be a subdomain of your primary site, which totally doesn’t make any sense if your primary site is about tomatoes and the other site is about diapers.

So feel free to browse www.webhostinggeeks.com and learn about different hosting services. They list out the top10 hosting companies, which is very useful to compare different services. They also have informative articles on hosting that you need to read to get familiar with hosting terms and specifications. Once you have learnt enough, browse through the ‘Best webhosting awards’ section to see what hosting companies they have chosen for the particular subcategory of web hosting such as php, budgeted, multiple domains, ecommerce, VPS, reseller, Windows, UNIX, forum, email and even blogs. This blog is currently hosted on blogger, a free service; I am going to take their advice when I am planning to move to a hosted one next year! 

So bookmark this site, even though you are not planning to get a hosting service now, you wont find a neatly organized web hosting reviews site anywhere, when this much amount of dedication is put into this site! This is one of the review sites where ratings are not biased with ranking the service that earns them the most commission on the top, which is what I look for in any review site. So use this site and make a good purchasing decision! 

The reason why iam single?

I came across this funny series of quizzes that tries to determine the reason why you are single? Funny! I gave it a shot and got this reply! 

Quiz by Onlinedating.org

The truth is i never went after one! Anyway it's funny and i want you to try this :D

Prescription eyeglasses at an eye-catching price range!

How about wearing different eyeglasses everyday in a week? That’s not a dream anymore! Introducing Optical4less - discounted online store for eyeglasses with price starting from $15. Competitors can offer you low prices but not without losing the quality, says Optical4less. A customer says that he risked buying from the internet on expensive precision progressive lens with photochromic and saved 70% on street prices. As you can see the quality is not compromised, but you may wonder how the glass fits you? Featuring Virtual try-on system, which allows you to upload your picture and try the glasses on, before buying it. What else can you ask for?

With the biggest selection of high index lenses, remarkable craftsmanship, prism correction facility, stylish frames of varied variety, Optical4less is truly the prescription eyeglasses expert. Some of their eyeglasses include Alloy Eyeglasses, Plastic eyewears, Rimless Framed glasses, Semi-rimless Glasses, Hingeless Eyeglasses, Titanium Framed glasses, Bendable Titanium Eyeglasses, Rhinstone Eyeglasses, Clip-in Sport Sunglasses, Tinted sunglasses, Photochromic Sunglasses, Kid's Eyeglasses, Bifocal and Progressive Reading glasses.

Free shipping all over the world and timely delivery within a week! 

The Bodyguard

I am in this post going to talk about a korean drama i recently saw on the internet and enjoyed it whole-heartedly! The Bodyguard, which is a mini series of 22, one hour a long episodes features a story of a man, (Hong Kyung Tak) who with his "fight for justice" attitude and a temper finds it hard to hold any jobs. He fights for the man on streets and was recently fired himself from a military service due to the bad superiors, and works with his family restuarant untill one day when he sets off to find a job, saves a female bodyguard's (Park Yu Jin) client in an accident, enabling him to get a job as a bodyguard at the national leading security firm called KBB. In the meanwhile a country girl (Lee Na Young) moves to neighbourhood of Hong Kyung Tak along with her grandmother and become friend with his sister Hong Kyung Mi. As the story moves, the hero faces many challenges with his duty, ethically with his company, emotionally with his female colleague Park Yu Jin and his neighbour Lee Na young.

The 22 hour flick is worth watching for it's splendid English Subtitle, Wonderful Korean Accent, rib tickling comedies, heart pounding action movements, complicated Love triangle and how truth finds it's way!

You can watch the show entirely online or download it to your hard drive(3.5 GB) from here, http://www.veoh.com/channelVideos.html?c=bodyguardkdrama

I hope you watch it and enjoy it as i did! 

Cydcor pre-holiday food drive to help people in need!

Think of the people who can’t afford food for their thanksgiving or Christmas! We all need to thanks give no matter how our lives are! Not just thanks give, but to give for the community we live in and what’s more than making someone in the need of the food, happy?

Cydcor is going to take an effort in this pre-holiday season providing for the leading scarce food bank that is saving up for this holiday season. Cydcor is a leading global company that provides outsourced and face-to-face sales team for other business, has teamed up with a National emergency food distribution center, Manna, in the food drive that is going to take place in the following pre-holiday weeks. Cydcor employees are going to participate in the food distribution event along with Manna.

In the prevailing economic downturn, this volunteering movement by Cydcor will put a smile on many faces! When companies move beyond helping business to helping people it can make a great contribution to our community!

***Official Press Release By Cydcor***

Cydcor Employees Donate to Pre-Holiday Food Drive

Team members of leading global provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams give groceries and hygiene products during economy slump.

Westlake Village, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2008 -- Employees of Cydcor, the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams, donated 26 bags of groceries and hygiene products to a Manna-sponsored food drive in October as part of the company's ongoing community philanthropy.

Amid an economic downturn that has contributed to rising need, many local food banks are seeing heavier demand during the non-holiday season. Cydcor Chief Executive Officer Gary Polson encouraged team members to get involved in Manna's food drive efforts after learning about the food banks' plight leading into the heavy-use holiday season. More than a dozen Cydcor employees immediately took action and purchased goods for the cause.

I'm thrilled that Cydcor team members are making an increasing difference in communities where we live, work and play through charitable efforts like this. This effort will benefit so many people at a time of increasing need," Polson said. "We hope to continue our donations in times when the collections hit a slump - before Thanksgiving, after Christmas and during the summer."

Cydcor puts a large emphasis on corporate philanthropy. In 2008, the company launched Cydcor Cares' Volunteer Day and Neighborhood Leaders Program, both of which are internal programs to encourage team members to become more involved in their local communities and volunteer their time to charity, occasionally during work hours. Since 2007, Cydcor has maintained a partnership with Casa Pacifica, a residential treatment facility in Camarillo for abused, neglected and emotionally disturbed children.

About Manna
Manna is an emergency food distribution center that helps families, seniors and the disabled during temporary financial crises. Manna volunteers have served the communities of Thousand Oaks, Newbury, Agoura Hills and Camarillo for the past 38 years. Manna receives no government funding, but continues to operate on the donations from area church groups and business organizations.
About Cydcor, Inc.

Cydcor, Inc., is the leading provider of outsourced, face-to-face sales teams to a diverse client base of companies in a range of industries, including telecommunications, office products, retail energy and financial services. Cydcor works with a network of independently owned corporate licensee (ICL) sales offices providing clients with access to more than 2,700 sales professionals and 200+ offices in North America. The privately held company is based in Westlake Village, California.
For more information about Cydcor, log on to www.cydcor.com.

Glasses at eye-popping price range!

Now you can like a celebrity have a matching eyeglasses for your dresses! It’s time that price of the eyeglasses goes down. Now before you start worrying, the quality is not compromised! You heard that right. Attractive high quality eyeglasses at affordable price as low as $8 is a good news for fashion conscious people and anyone who would like to put on eyeglasses for that matter!

Before pondering or imagining something, I know some of you are wondering if this is for real or would it work out in the long term. Let me answer that for you. Before worrying all about that you need to understand how the eyeglass manufacturers make money and how they can increase their profits.

In any retail industry, there is a middle man that distributes goods from the manufacturers to retail outlets. There you see is a distribution costs involved! Introducing Zenni Optical, Zenni optical is like the dell computers of the eyeglass industry. They have cut down the middle man and are selling eyeglasses themselves directly to the customer. They have created an effective pricing model that is a win-win for both manufacturers and customers! If you are looking for stylish prescription glasses look no further!

Now let’s talk about what you can get at Zenni Optical. Huge selection of frames to choose from - Monel steel alloy, stainless steel, memory titanium, pure titanium, plastic (acetate), aluminum and memory plastic. There is also a guide on their site on how to select frames. Talking about Lenses, they have single vision, bifocal, photochromic (sunsensor), progressive and tinted sunglasses.

A standard order includes eyeglasses with high quality frames, anti scratch coating, complete UV protection, lens edge polishing and beveling, quality eyeglass case, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and with a guarantee! All for $4.95 shipping and handling charges for any number of glasses in the order.

Blog Acquired!

Hi Readers,

This blog has been acquired by Gloperm LLC, from it's previous owner Deepak. Gloperm LLC, is a company that does paid and organic search performance marketing for companies it chooses to work with. We are thus, a new entrant to the Blogging world! woot! We hope to continue what Deepak did and take it to the next step. 

Link partners! your links on the blog will remain intact, along with the widgets, shoutbox and mybloglog. Before you imagine, let us say that we bought this blog entirely for the purpose of participating in PayPerPost.com. So this is a news that payperpost blogs are being acquired to avoid the 90 days prerequisite delay and also for some google juices (Let's face it! who wouldn't like to start with a PR2 rather than builiding everything from ground-up!?!). 

With that said, let me talk about why i feel PayPerPost.com (PPP) is the best opportunity for bloggers and why it needs to fuse with SocialSpark.com (another IZEA project).

Recently, a friend of mine got his blog penalized and his Google PageRank got reduced from 5 to 0. Can you guess why? Sponsored postings! It's hard to put up with such a loss that happened overnight and is it necessary to still depend on PageRank to get opportunities from the PPP?!?!

If you have or are using PPP, you sure might have known that, a group of well known bloggers including Google condemned it's business model. A business model that provides a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers to connect them together. Bloggers get paid for writing about advertisers and ofcoursing linking to their site! 

Well-known bloggers saw it as a violation of the blogger's integrity to their readers and and Google thought it as nothing but just a paid linking activity that provided no value to the user. Popular bloggers disliked the idea of a sponsored post with a content that has a biased tone and subject which would not only not add value but deteriorate it ! We dont think so!  (read on to know why...)

Bloggers who cared about their reputation, saw that it morally clicked with them to use only CPM, CPC or any other advertising models other than the paid posting, to monetize! Many bloggers felt that ReviewMe.com is a little better, for tweaking PayPerPost.com's Business model and trying to thrive to survive in the paid links marketplace, by allowing only to review the advertisers' site and paying bloggers for the money they demand. John Chow, a blogger is very happy with it ;)

What do you think? Do Bloggers know how to estimate their value or a system that can estimate the blog with a measure what advertisers are looking for? IZEA answered it well when it introduced Real rank™ that ranked blogs based on their unique visitors and unique hits! Jim kukral, a blogger thought that it would be an alexa killer! LOL 

Does that necessarily mean that we (bloggers) are looking for a much better system than a payperpost? No! We and many bloggers who all got penalized, all for PPP depending on PageRank,  pondering about a much better system, SocialSpark.com aka PPP 2.0 (LOL) indeed! Not only that, also SocialSpark.com should consolidate PayPerPost.com into it, thus there be a one marketplace that no longer depend on the google page rank to evaluate blogs!

That doesn't mean we disagree with google. RealRank Achieves more than PageRank when it comes to valuing Blogs for PPP/SocialSpark kinda marketplace. It computes blog value, taking it's performance directly into account rather than using a PageRank computed by Google which is not upto date accurate anyway! 

So with that said, we are excited to blog, take sponsor post offers and make sure to use this also as my personal blog, to share my experience about IZEA projects and our company Gloperm LLC. So watch out for PPP related tips and also PPC and SEO for affiliate products which we excel at! We are yet to take clients for our company, as we feel comfortable choosing companies that we like working with in an affiliate agreement or as a Value Added Reseller! What can be better than a business model that allows to choose what you want to promote and getting paid for that! 

Hope to see you soon! 

Yours Sincerely,
Eshwar Iyer
Co-founder Gloperm LLC.

Marseille Soap

Marseille soap or Savon de Marseille is a traditional soap made from vegetable oils that has been made around Marseille, France, for about 700 years.Traditionally, the soap is made by mixing sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil, and the alkaline chemicals soda ash (sodium carbonate) and lye (sodium hydroxide) together in a large cauldron (usually making about 8 tons). This mixture is then heated for several days, stirred constantly. The mixture is then allowed to sit, and once ready, it is poured into the mould, and allowed to set slightly. Whilst still soft, it is cut into bars and stamped, and left to completely harden. The whole process can take up to a month from the start before the soap is ready to use.There are two main varieties of this soap. one is made with olive oil and the second is made with palm oil or a palm and copra oil mixture. The olive oil variety is green and the palm oil variety is white in colour.

Tummy Tuck

Many women dreaming have a great body, unfortunately they have a problem with their body after pregnant. The weight gained during pregnancy is not easy to lose. The stomach happens to be the most difficult part to lose weight. People take a tummy tuck for various reasons, some want to look young and attractive while other persons want to maintain their health by removal of excess fat from their abdominal tissues. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, involves removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen so the stomach is tighter, smoother, and more attractive appearance. It is important to note that all surgical procedures carry certain risks, including at tummy tuck surgery. So before deciding to do tummy tuck surgery, you need to consult with a cosmetic surgeon and discuss a tummy tuck procedure and the overall cost. You also can use internet to find information about tummy tuck. Online Surgery provides general information on the different types of surgery procedures including tummy tuck procedure. There you also can find a surgeon in your area, that right for you. If you really want to get great body you can visit their website at www.onlinesurgery.com to get more information about procedure and cost that you need.

Theory of everything

A theory of everything (TOE) is a hypothetical theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena. Initially, the term was used with an ironic connotation to refer to various overgeneralized theories. For example, a great-grandfather of Ijon Tichy — a character from a cycle of Stanisław Lem's science fiction stories of 1960s — was known to work on the "General Theory of Everything" (Polish: "Ogólna Teoria Wszystkiego"). Over time, the term stuck in popularizations of quantum physics to describe a theory that would unify or explain through a single model the theories of all fundamental interactions of nature.There have been numerous theories of everything proposed by theoretical physicists over the last century, but as yet none have been able to stand up to experimental scrutiny as there is tremendous difficulty in getting the theories to produce experimentally testable results. The primary problem in producing a TOE is that the accepted theories of quantum me


Tactical pants just became affordable!! The unearthly price tags that they usually come with are non-existent in tacticalpantsusa.com...That doesn't mean you can get them for free,but the prices are certainly affordable!! What makes them so affordable is that there are no middlemen involved in the sale,it is factory direct!Their tactical pants are available in cotton,nylon and canvas and are really comfortable!! The best part is that these pants run true to size, and are built so that the maximum size they can be will be the size that you ordered. The waist cinch system will then allow you to tighten them up as needed.

Fastest Bike

A machine that captivates the gaze. I've long been fascinated by the the Suzuki Hayabusa. I think it will be only a short time until I own one. To those of us who saw the sportbike evolve over the last 15 years. From the '86 GSXR750 to where we stand today, this bike is by far the pinnacle of progress.When I look at it- it seem huge. But once I'm riding, it feels like a toy.The Hayabusa in unlike anything I have ever ridden before. It's more refined than my ZX-11. When you rev the motor and accelerate off into the distance, it feels designed for this. As if it's sole purpose were entrenched in allowing the ride to travel at any velocity in relative safety and ease. I realize now the level of discipline and restraint it requires to own this bike. Well, maybe I wouldn't call it restraint, but just plain discipline. The whole package takes some readjusting as to what you might think of as normal. You're headed down the freeway, the speedometer indicates 70 mph, yet it barely seems to have risen around it's circular path.

Software techniques

Bad news students....Bunking classes won't be as easy as before if your college employs Software Techniques' software,well the good news is that,right now it is being used for checking attendance of employees only...Their three new products - SoftTime,TimeKron and HR will be able to reduce payroll preparation time and employee tracking time.

The three products function like this-
* SoftTime – it tracks employees' attendance like absences, vacation, tardy, sick leave etc. It has drag and drop interface that allows you use symbols onto the calendar to show reasons for absence. This is great in schedule vacations and detects absences.
* TimeKron - calculates the employees' time, tracks tardiness and absenteeism. You can mix and match options to suit your setting, your data collection requirements, and the types of employees that will be using the system.
* HR – It tracks your employee’s benefits, warning information, employee training, and performance evaluation, employees working history and salary changes. This software has a built-in Office Assistant that allows you to create your own record of information.
You can download and try their products today!! Please visit www.SoftwareTech.com for more details!!


A comet is a small Solar System body that orbits the Sun and, when close enough to the Sun, exhibits a visible coma (atmosphere) or a tail — both primarily from the effects of solar radiation upon the comet's nucleus. Comet nuclei are themselves loose collections of ice, dust and small rocky particles, measuring a few kilometres or tens of kilometres across.
Comets have a variety of different orbital periods, ranging from a few years, to hundreds of thousands of years, while some are believed to pass through the inner Solar System only once before being thrown out into interstellar space.

Shopping Promotion

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Finally the long waited car THE WORLD”S CHEAPEST CAR - NANO was unveiled by the TATA in the presence of minister kamal nath .The pic on your left of the screen is the the worlds cheapest car named NANO which cost just 1 lakh rupees and the on road price would be just 1,20000.Well, ISn’t that unbelievably cheap . The main motive of a car being modeled for a cheap price like this was to attract the middle class population which other wise wouldn’t have even thought of buying a car.

Nikon ATB Promotion

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Mosquitoes and History...

Mosquitoes have always come across as annoying,blood-sucking insects. Read on to find out what the Babylonian Talmud has to say about them!! The Talmud asserts that the Roman Emperor Titus was punished by GOD for having destroyed the temple in Jerusalem by having a mosquito fly into Titus' nose,picking at his brain,ceaselessly buzzing,driving him crazy and eventually causing death!!! ;) Though mosquitoes are capable of bringing about such effects,no such account appears in any Roman source.Apparently,Titus died prematurely from unclear causes after only two years in power...So much for the mosquito....

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You sure must have heard about cats having nive (or sometimes seven) lives,sometime or the other...It is a myth in many cultures.The myth is attributed to the natural suppleness and swiftness that cats exhibit in life-threatening situations. The fact that falling cats often land on their feet (because of an inbuilt automatic twisting reaction,and are able to twist their bodies around to land on their feet),though they can still be injured or killed by a high fall,lends more credence to the myth...

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Pink is one of my favorite colors.It has long been used to denote beauty,grace and goodness. You will bw surprised to know that even earlier,pink used to be considered the most appropriate color for boys (because it was more masculine) and blue used to be considered appropriate for girls (because it was the more delicate and dainty color)!! It is the other way around now! Also,pink was chosen as the color of the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon partially because it is so strongly associated with feminity.

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Hannah Montana

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The yak (Bos grunniens) is a long-haired bovine found throughout the Himalayan region of south Central Asia, the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia. In addition to a large domestic population, there is a small, vulnerable wild yak population. In Tibetan, the word gyag refers only to the male of the species; a female is a dri or nak. In most languages which borrowed the word, including English, yak is usually used for both sexes.


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A globe can be a very useful learning tool for geography!! Do you how globes are manufactured? Mass-produced globes are first covered by a printed paper map ( usually with long,thin strips of paper that narrow to a point at the North Pole and the South Pole).After that is done,a small disk is used to paper the irregularities at the poles. It is believed (from a geometrical point of view) that,all points on a sphere are equivalent,i.e. one could select any arbitrary point on the Earth,and create a paper map that covers the EArth with strips that come together at that point - the antipodal point. After the irregularities have been papered,the globe is mounted at angle on bearings. Apart from making it easy to use,the mounting also represents the angle of the planet in relation to its sun and the spin of the planet. This makes it easy to visualize how days and seasons change.. And so,that is how the humble globe is made!

Online Degrees

There are online courses for almost everything these days. Considering the financial constraints of a traditional college education,it is not hard to see why online education is growing in popularity. They have become so popular that,the enrollments for online education now surpass traditional college enrollments by a 5-to-1 ratio. If you are planning to enroll for an Online Degrees program,edvisors.com can help you to find the right program for you.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the imperial main residence of the Emperor of Japan. It is a large park-like area located in Chiyoda, Tokyo close to Tokyo Station and contains various buildings such as the main palace (Kyūden )and the private residences of the imperial family. The total area including the gardens is 3.41 square kilometers. During the height of the 1980s Japanese property bubble, the palace grounds were valued by some as more than the value of all the real estate in the state of California.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

With Dragon Naturally Speaking 10,you can turn talk in to text!! This works really well with people who don't have much time on their hands.The Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 adds support for regional accents,apart from new Voice Shortcuts for Vista and the Web,including YouTube and Wikipedia;hands-free browser commands;no system requirements; and a custom-built Bluetooth headset option.

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Frescos refers to any of several related painting types,done on plaster on walls or ceilings. It comes from the Italian word 'affresco' which derives from the adjective "Fresh". The Buon fresco technique consists of painting in pigment mixed with water on a thin layer of wet,fresh,lime mortar or plaster. Because of the chemical makeup of the plaster,a binder is not requires. The pigment mixed solely with the water will sink into the plaster,which itself becomes the medium holding the pigment.The pigment is absorbed by the wet plaster;after a number of hours,the plaster driees and reacts with the air;it is this chemical reaction which fixes the pigment particles in the plaster.

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Benefits of Yoghurt

Youghurt has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk. The fact that lactose in milk is converted to lactic acid in yoghurt allows people who are moderately lactose-intolerant to enjoy yoghurt without any ill effects. The reduction of lactose bypasses the affected individuals' need to process the milk sugar themselves.Apart from it's nutritional benefits,yoghurt also has medicinal uses,in
particular for a variety of gastrointestinal conditions,and in preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea.Yoghurt is also believed to promote good gum health, possibly because of the probiotic effect of lactic acids present in yoghurt.

Made-To-Measure Suits

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Kiwis are endemic to New Zealand. Here is some interesting info about Kiwis. Kiwis are shy birds and mostly nocturnal. This nocturnal habit of theirs may be a result of habitat intrusion by predators,including humans. They however can be seen in daylight,in places such as sanctuaries,where introduced predators have been removed.The nostrils at the end of their beaks gives them a highly developed sense of smell. They can locate insects and worms underground without actually seeing or feeling them. Kiwis are monogamous and live with their partners for more than 20 years.During the mating season, June to March, the pair call to each other at night, and meet in the nesting burrow every three days. All Kiwi species are endangered.

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A Pygmy is a member of any human group whose adult males grow to less than 150cm or less than 155cm in average height. Members of a slightly taller group are called pygmoids. Aka,Efe and Mbuti of Central Africa are some of the best known groups.The term "Pygmy" is often considered degrading. Many so called pygmies prefer instead to be referred to by the name of their various ethnic groups,or names for various interrelated groups such as the Aka,Baka,Mbuti and Twa. The term Bayaka, the plural form of the Aka/Yaka, is sometimes used in the Central African Republic to refer to all local Pygmies.

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The history of "DINNER"

I have always associated dinner with the meal eaten at the end of the day,but it is surprising to know that it has not always been so! In the United Kingdom,dinner traditionally meant the main meal of the day.Prior to the mid-19th century,this 'dinner' meal was eaten in the middle of the day. As more and people started working in offices in towns and kept their families in suburbs,returning home in the middle of the day for a large meal,became inconvinient. By about 1860,meal times switched,and ladies at home began making a small mid-day meal called 'luncheon',followed by an early afternoon snack (children's meal time before bed),and then a large 'dinner meal' used to be prepared to eat when the man of the house got home from work.. Large formal evening meals were invariably described as 'dinners' (hence, also, the term dinner jacket which is a form of evening dress). Since farm families and working class people still most often worked from home, their meal times did not change as rapidly, and they continued to eat the main meal in the middle of the day, their 'dinner,' followed by a light early evening meal 'tea.' Because of these differences in custom depending on class, 'dinner' might mean the evening meal or the midday meal .

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Valentino lost in australian track

Hi Friends,

After winning the title in Japan track valentino rossi failed o keep up in australian track due to poor podium position. He crashed in the qualifying rounds and so he got 12th position to start with. He with the ease reached 4rd position and lateron he put dannie pedrosa to is back and on the 3rd lap Nicky hayden is also sent back. Stonner who started from the first position could not be beaten and finished the race first, rossi second.

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Rossi Won the title

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Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi (February 16, 1979)

Seven time world champion(1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005).In 2006, he narrowly missed an 8th title by scoring a second place in the Championship (loosing to Nicky Hayden), and the 2007 season, he lost out again, this time to Australian Casey Stoner and finished @ 3 position in the overall standings . "The Doctor"---- " rider of an average slow Yamaha,loser of his rightful crown, victim of a fast Ducati...Come 2008, and he will have his vengeance !" 

A true champion who'z got the gutz n da balls to face it all.

The real estate market

The real estate market here in Niagara Region sucks. Unless you have a tiny house less then 175000 in value. At the end of this week my house comes off the market. Had a few showings, viewings, questions, phone calls..and then..nada. Just a realtor who wants us to lower the price to pennies so he can sell it as a steal to someone. Sorry buddy. Not me. So I’m hunting around for realtors and tripped over this dallas realtor list. I wish we had something like that up here. Seems like realtors in dallas are pretty good, especially the clicksmart certified ones, they sell 3 times more? Thats crazy considering the real estate market in the US. Good for them. I still sometimes consider getting into real estate.

350 cc Royal Enfield

In 1955 the Redditch company partnered Madras Motors in India in forming 'Enfield India' to make, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai). At first machines were assembled from components shipped from England, but by 1962 all components were Indian-made. Now independent since the demise of Royal Enfield in England, it still makes an essentially similar bike in 350 cc and 500 cc forms today along with several derivatives of it. This was initially sold under the Enfield name but since the 1990's it has once again been sold as the Royal Enfield.

These are being imported into the United Kingdom and other western countries in increasing numbers, though the newer versions with electric start are becoming more popular than the 'classic' version which is little changed from 1955.

Yamaha R1

Hi Friends,

I have found a new site on Yamaha which deals with Yamaha R1. Yamaha is the sexiest bike i have ever seen. It has got goos performance also. If you want to know more about this bike I recommend you to have a look at http://yamahar1.org. This site also have discussions where you can spend time in making friends in our favorite bikers world. You can also register this site and enjoy the discussions. Don't miss out be first to start your discussions and lead a group. Thank you!

Audi Q7

Hi Friends,

The immediacy of the power flow shows in a 0-62mph sprint time of just 5.5 seconds, and the incredible performance is tempered only by the electronic limiter’s cut-in at 155mph. Yet unlike many petrol-powered V12 performance cars that at times struggle to return double-digit fuel economy figures, the Q7 V12 TDI achieves a surprisingly ‘real world’ 23.7mpg on the combined cycle, running many considerably less powerful V6 TDI SUVs remarkably close.

the V12 unit that powered the Audi R10 TDI to the first ever Le Mans victory for a diesel-powered sports prototype, the 6.0-litre, 500PS engine will be available in fully fledged series production Q7 models in the foreseeable future.

Externally, the Q7 V12 TDI test car makes its presence felt even more emphatically than its V6 and V8 relatives through a striking new front end design featuring a unique chrome plated grille and LED strip daytime running lights, additional under-body protection panelling and large-bore exhausts.

Victory Hair

Hi Friends,

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The look

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Realities about R15

Hi Friends,

I personally inspected the r15…no doubt its a well advanced bike but, the faring looked like some kind of cheap plastic…i was expecting it to b priced around 75k to 80k….and BOOM!! its around 1.2 lakhs(on road)!!!

now,its time for a detailed analysis,seriously…
wt does these Yamaha people think of us(Indians)?
do we look like some kind of illiterates who still live in the 1980s?
first, lets talk about the design many think tat its sexy,cool and stuff. But,if u guys have time , try to check out Yamaha's new 2008 R125 model(international)in google , which is an 125cc machine ,around 14 bhp now, thats the exact little brother of the R series look at its design so, my point is that,when the Yamaha people are capable of designing an 125 cc machine so well, why cant they design an 150 cc machine that way for us. Why is this difference when compared to the international market? or do they think tat we , Indians are not capable of handling hi-tech styling? no,seriously, I fail to understand , why is this discrimination?

Second,lets come to the bhp. We actually thought that the bike would be around 20 to 22 bhp. But, we’ve got ourselves a 17 bhp machine most other 150 cc bikes produce around 14 to 15.5 bhp.This R15 is just around 2 bhp more and for this they have created a huge storm among the bikers. Something like “with the launch of this bike we are going to regain the lost brand name” for obvious reasons we would be expecting a good performance bike but, oops its yet another 17 bhp machine and of course comes with a huge price.

Third,lets talk about the price. Answer me honestly guys. Are you willing to pay Rs.1,11,000/- for a bike which has a full faring(looks like very cheap, plastic, when seen in person),17 bhp(around 2 bhp more from other 150cc bikes),liquid cooled(have already used in P200),back disc brake(already used in P220),digital speedometer(already used in many bikes),thin tyres and the tail part of the bike looks very much like a normal commuter bike.?


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New Model Of Yamaha

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As the technologies are emerging, my yamaha is also changing it's style. For 2007 the first full model change since 2004 was undertaken. The new-design DOHC 4-valve engine adopted the new electronic control systems like the YCC-T and YCC-I that contributed to a three PS increase in engine power output and smoother output and torque character from the low-speed range all the way up to the high-speed range. A new frame was also adopted that achieved optimized balance for outstanding stability and handling at high speeds.

Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I)
This system employs a two-piece intake funnel with upper and lower sections to enable adjustment of funnel length in accordance with engine rpm and throttle opening in order to maintain optimum power output and torque characteristics at all times.

Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)

This system makes possible more linear throttle response by eliminating the conventional throttle system that uses wires to mechanical convey throttle action to the air intake and fuel supply systems and replacing it with an electronic system for relaying throttle action.

New frame designed for optimum balance

By using a combination of cast aluminum and extruded aluminum parts, the new frame’s rigidity balance was optimized. It achieves outstanding stability, handling performance and steering response.
Here comes the technical specifications:

Overall length×width×height: 2,060×720×1,110mm
Wheelbase: 1,415mm; Dry weight: 177kg
Engine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve in-line 4-cylinder, 998 cm3
Max. output: 180 PS(132.4KW)/12,500 rpm (*unforced intake)
Max. torque: 11.5 kgf・m (112.7 N・m)/10,000rpm (*unforced intake)

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How To calculate bhp?

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Here is the simple calculation for bhp. Everyone says that his hiske has higher bhp. But what is that bhp really means? Without knowing that we are speaking about it. Now I am going to explain what it is. When a engine is allowed to run freely the measurement it horse ower. Same engine when allowed to rund under the influence of any frictional force then it is called break horse power. Now the difference between horse power and break horse power is base horse power. Simple is't it?

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Learn How to Ovetake Safely

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Today I am going to show you a short video which teaches you how to overtake safely. Nowadays due to increase in traffic we are loosing our patience to drive our bike behind any slow vehicle. If you attempt to overtake the slow vehicle or any vehicle which is slower than you with less practice you may end up with accident. Avoid those situations and make a successful overtaking. Go ahead and watch the video..

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Honda iGX Engine Named Most Innovative Engine

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The December 2005 issue of Rental Equipment Register magazine named the Honda iGX engine as a recipient of the prestigious 2005 Innovative Product Awards. The iGX engine captured first place in the magazine’s engine and power sourcing category, earning the highest number of votes from an RER magazine reader panel.

The Honda iGX is a revolutionary intelligent, computer-controlled general purpose engine that sets a new standard for ease of use, value, fuel efficiency and quiet operation. Representing a first in the power equipment industry, the iGX features an integrated electronic control unit (ECU) that delivers complete drive-by-wire remote control capability and controls key aspects of engine operation.

Rental Equipment Register polled a randomly selected committee of more than 10,000 readers to select winners in each of 12 categories from an initial group of 44 product entries. Within each category of competition, approximately 900 readers were then surveyed to determine the individual award recipients.

“The RER accreditation is an honor as well as testament that Honda continually strives to provide the most technologically intelligent products to our customers in the rental equipment industry,” said Honda Engines assistant vice president, Scott Conner. “The iGX engine is our latest effort toward that goal.”

Honda received the award at the American Rental Association Rental Show in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month.

I think the above information is useful to you. I have lots more to write about. Keep checking!!