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A.R.Rahman well received!

The 2 oscar award winner A.R.Rahman for the best song and original score is well received in his home state, Tamil Nadu, India. Many local celebrities have gathered to witness his homecoming event and he was also blessed by many politicans all over the India. The bollywood welcomed him with open arms, as his song Masakalli from the movie Delhi-6 is already an hit! Eagerly excited to see more of his creations! :)

Cute and Trendy Maternity Clothes (20% coupon inside)

The time that any women can never forget is their pregnancy days. As you agree with me on this, i am in this post going to talk about how to add spice to these golden periods. As you might have probably guessed it, its with cute and trendy maternity clothes. You can still wear maternity clothes that will fit you well and be comfortable at the same time still giving you the chic look. Are you excited? Read more... 

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Creative shower heads

http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2009/02/28/modern-showers-and-creative-shower-heads/ - This link here shows the pictures of all kinds of creative shower heads one could possibly imagine. The collest thing is they are not fiction, they are real available shower wares that you can order it directly from the internet. Beside each of the picture, there is a brief description and the link from where you can order it. Wow, so many good heads, i struggled to pick my choice, well you can see that yourself! :D

Get Ready for Easter Fun!

How are you planned to spend this Easter Sunday? Are you prepared to take out your creative idea to create and decorate the Easter egg off your sleeve yet? What are your ideas for wreath? Well let me share how I planned and how it only took one day of work commute to plan this. You'd be surprised and will thank me for it when i share it with you. Whatever busy you are with, Easter Sunday is inevitable fun to be with family and friends! Be it for the easter decorations or the feastings. Now lets get to my briefings of my plan for the big day! I have planned to get 6 ostrich eggs and paint it with purple, and paint a little glow on it and grassed to place them all. Add 6 Cherry blossom wreaths to it for all the 6 outside doors. Enter Julia Child's Lentil salad for the breakfast. Couple of Easter poems for kids, you can get it from poemsource.com, poemsforfree.com and songs4teachers.com. Yorkshire pudding, roast ribs of beef and Horseradish Sauce for English style lunch, can’t wait to cook it. Greek style for dinner with Herb-Roasted Leg of Lamb, lemon roasted potatoes and Greek spring vegetables. 

Now fun time! I have to planned to throw in some cool games such as Egg bowling, Egg painting, Hat parade, carrot scavenger hunting and egg 'n spoon race. I hope it’s gonna be fun with my grand parents, my mom and dad, my wife, in-laws and their kids. You won’t believe that I planned this all in a single day, only when i got little time, I went to the internet and browsed and found all the ideas in a single site, Celebrations.com. So what's your plan? 

Oscars 2009

This years oscar was marvelous with Hugh Jackman hosting the event. The red carpet arrivals was stunning with beauties such as Kate winslet, Amy adams, Panelope Cruz, Diane lane, Milley cyrus, Angeline jolie, Sarah Jessica parker and Anne Hathaway jingling gorgeously. The family of slumdog millionaire was awesome to look. The couple from highschool musical series was young and beautiful. As with the awards, the choices were fantastic and i went wow after each and every presentation. It was great to see Daniel craig on stage and his mistake which was unnoticed. Panelope Cruz was so gracious and humble when receiving the award. The song by A.R.rahman is still echoing in my ears. Jai Ho! Beyonces dance and her ahem nipple slip was ahem you know what sexy! :p Slumdog millionaire deserves the eight magnificent awards for its spectacular show. The movies "Curious case of benjamin button" as well as The Reader is worth the nominations and awards as well. Kate winslet kicked ass with her emotional speech after lifting her oscar for the best actress. Sean penn, his second as the best actor gave an enlightening speech. Heath Ledger was missing but his passion for the movie The Darknight was honored well. Robert Downy Jr. was present, but the Marvel comics movie Iron man did not win an award, yet it was one of my best one in the 2008.  

For some reason i was wondering that the movies that came after November caught people's heart and moved them than that of the previous releases and that's the reason for the most of the awards being given to the movies that are released after November. Glad to see Wall E getting its much deserved award for the best animated movie. But not a single award to Iron man was little bit saddening during the event. The nomination for the costume design of the movie The Dutchess was worth its pain, but for some reason the Brad Pitt's movie bagged the award. Hugh Grant's memorable stint was funny and added to that Natalie portman's Beauty was perfect for that presentation. 

All in all the 5 hours show was amazing. The artwork, the technical brilliance behind the kodak's theatre was brilliant. The ambiance was splendid and the night was glowing in its thrillness and enthusiasm, the time spent watching the show is the probably the best ever spent on entertainment this year! :)