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This site of mine is published through a blogspot account. That means I didn’t require any web space to host this blog. Its pretty cool but that was before I came to know about WordPress which I personally feel is the best blogging platform. But the sad thing is that it provides free hosting for its subdomains only. So, to publish a blog in your own domain in WordPress, you need a hosting. Now the thing is that there are many free hosting providing services which I have tried. But it was a tragic experience when a free hosting company where I hosted one of my domains got bankrupt. And it was just the beginning. They didn’t had any backup system…oh it was such a nightmare. All my months work was gone in minutes. I had to do everything from scratch.

Still, I had to find a web hosting which must be reliable. Then I came across few articles on web hosting in Web hosting rating. The articles were really an eye opener. also had listed out and rated best web hosting providers based on customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability and dependability, site uptime and downtime, technical support provided, etc. I then choose one of the hosting based on customer satisfaction and I must say my decision wasn’t wrong. It’s been more than 6 months and there hasn’t been even a single complain. There are no words to thanks Web Hosting Rating. If you are having difficulty finding the perfect web hosting for your needs do check I’m sure it’ll be a great help for you.

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi (February 16, 1979)

Seven time world champion(1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005).In 2006, he narrowly missed an 8th title by scoring a second place in the Championship (loosing to Nicky Hayden), and the 2007 season, he lost out again, this time to Australian Casey Stoner and finished @ 3 position in the overall standings . "The Doctor"---- " rider of an average slow Yamaha,loser of his rightful crown, victim of a fast Ducati...Come 2008, and he will have his vengeance !" 

A true champion who'z got the gutz n da balls to face it all.

The real estate market

The real estate market here in Niagara Region sucks. Unless you have a tiny house less then 175000 in value. At the end of this week my house comes off the market. Had a few showings, viewings, questions, phone calls..and then..nada. Just a realtor who wants us to lower the price to pennies so he can sell it as a steal to someone. Sorry buddy. Not me. So I’m hunting around for realtors and tripped over this dallas realtor list. I wish we had something like that up here. Seems like realtors in dallas are pretty good, especially the clicksmart certified ones, they sell 3 times more? Thats crazy considering the real estate market in the US. Good for them. I still sometimes consider getting into real estate.

350 cc Royal Enfield

In 1955 the Redditch company partnered Madras Motors in India in forming 'Enfield India' to make, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai). At first machines were assembled from components shipped from England, but by 1962 all components were Indian-made. Now independent since the demise of Royal Enfield in England, it still makes an essentially similar bike in 350 cc and 500 cc forms today along with several derivatives of it. This was initially sold under the Enfield name but since the 1990's it has once again been sold as the Royal Enfield.

These are being imported into the United Kingdom and other western countries in increasing numbers, though the newer versions with electric start are becoming more popular than the 'classic' version which is little changed from 1955.

Yamaha R1

Hi Friends,

I have found a new site on Yamaha which deals with Yamaha R1. Yamaha is the sexiest bike i have ever seen. It has got goos performance also. If you want to know more about this bike I recommend you to have a look at This site also have discussions where you can spend time in making friends in our favorite bikers world. You can also register this site and enjoy the discussions. Don't miss out be first to start your discussions and lead a group. Thank you!

Audi Q7

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The immediacy of the power flow shows in a 0-62mph sprint time of just 5.5 seconds, and the incredible performance is tempered only by the electronic limiter’s cut-in at 155mph. Yet unlike many petrol-powered V12 performance cars that at times struggle to return double-digit fuel economy figures, the Q7 V12 TDI achieves a surprisingly ‘real world’ 23.7mpg on the combined cycle, running many considerably less powerful V6 TDI SUVs remarkably close.

the V12 unit that powered the Audi R10 TDI to the first ever Le Mans victory for a diesel-powered sports prototype, the 6.0-litre, 500PS engine will be available in fully fledged series production Q7 models in the foreseeable future.

Externally, the Q7 V12 TDI test car makes its presence felt even more emphatically than its V6 and V8 relatives through a striking new front end design featuring a unique chrome plated grille and LED strip daytime running lights, additional under-body protection panelling and large-bore exhausts.

Victory Hair

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The object of the game is to achieve Victory Hair. What the heck's that, I hear you ask. Well, Victory Hair happens when a guy and girl with super-cool, styled hair meet each other, and Cupid fires a few arrows at them. Cupid's arrows mess up their hair, leading to what is known as Victory Hair.

So, how would you go about achieving Victory Hair? I'd opt for a nice dinner at an intimate, candlelit bistro, with fine wine and good conversation, followed by a midnight walk along the beach. Play the game and you, too, can have Victory Hair. As the game is played in real-time, with other participants, I had to wait in line a short while, until my game began. But it's worth the wait! (Note: game requires Flash plug-in). You just enter your user name and date of birth, then the game loads quickly and smoothly. The whole object is to have fun - but without shooting or killing anyone! What could be more fun than a little bit of virtual flirting? Give the game a try and let me know how you get on - I'd love to hear your experiences.

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The look

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You do know what "the look" is right? The expression refers to the look you give someone when you're flirting with them. You know what I tilt your head to the side and give the person you're interested in a sideways glance. It doesn't hurt to give them that shy almost bashful smile. Guys eat that up because they love shy women. They don't want you to be insecure or without confidence. But they don't want pushy women either. So you show them that soft, vunerable, "can you help me?" side.

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Realities about R15

Hi Friends,

I personally inspected the r15…no doubt its a well advanced bike but, the faring looked like some kind of cheap plastic…i was expecting it to b priced around 75k to 80k….and BOOM!! its around 1.2 lakhs(on road)!!!

now,its time for a detailed analysis,seriously…
wt does these Yamaha people think of us(Indians)?
do we look like some kind of illiterates who still live in the 1980s?
first, lets talk about the design many think tat its sexy,cool and stuff. But,if u guys have time , try to check out Yamaha's new 2008 R125 model(international)in google , which is an 125cc machine ,around 14 bhp now, thats the exact little brother of the R series look at its design so, my point is that,when the Yamaha people are capable of designing an 125 cc machine so well, why cant they design an 150 cc machine that way for us. Why is this difference when compared to the international market? or do they think tat we , Indians are not capable of handling hi-tech styling? no,seriously, I fail to understand , why is this discrimination?

Second,lets come to the bhp. We actually thought that the bike would be around 20 to 22 bhp. But, we’ve got ourselves a 17 bhp machine most other 150 cc bikes produce around 14 to 15.5 bhp.This R15 is just around 2 bhp more and for this they have created a huge storm among the bikers. Something like “with the launch of this bike we are going to regain the lost brand name” for obvious reasons we would be expecting a good performance bike but, oops its yet another 17 bhp machine and of course comes with a huge price.

Third,lets talk about the price. Answer me honestly guys. Are you willing to pay Rs.1,11,000/- for a bike which has a full faring(looks like very cheap, plastic, when seen in person),17 bhp(around 2 bhp more from other 150cc bikes),liquid cooled(have already used in P200),back disc brake(already used in P220),digital speedometer(already used in many bikes),thin tyres and the tail part of the bike looks very much like a normal commuter bike.?


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Wedding invitations

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Special occasions need special planning. It includes planning way ahead of time to ensure that everything that you want for your party or celebration will be met and successful. One of the main things we always need in wedding party is an wedding invitations right? For me giving out invitation is vital for the people not to forget the occasion. Especially if your invitation is customized or personalized, its a great feeling you have when you are handing them out. I prefer customized design of invitation because it makes the person who is celebrating the occasion very important. I have been ordering my cousin's wedding invitation from Vistaprint for three years now. I always avail their great offers. Just like now, they have ten free invitations that you can customized the way you wanted it to look like for free. Isn't it great? Just use this high vistaprint coupon FreeInvite - 10 Free Invites when you place your order and you can have your invitation free of charge, all you have to pay is the shipping cost. You can check them directly at their website at Just one word of advise, when you are ordering from a distant place like me, be sure to place your order way ahead of time to make sure that you get it on the right time.

New Model Of Yamaha

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As the technologies are emerging, my yamaha is also changing it's style. For 2007 the first full model change since 2004 was undertaken. The new-design DOHC 4-valve engine adopted the new electronic control systems like the YCC-T and YCC-I that contributed to a three PS increase in engine power output and smoother output and torque character from the low-speed range all the way up to the high-speed range. A new frame was also adopted that achieved optimized balance for outstanding stability and handling at high speeds.

Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I)
This system employs a two-piece intake funnel with upper and lower sections to enable adjustment of funnel length in accordance with engine rpm and throttle opening in order to maintain optimum power output and torque characteristics at all times.

Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)

This system makes possible more linear throttle response by eliminating the conventional throttle system that uses wires to mechanical convey throttle action to the air intake and fuel supply systems and replacing it with an electronic system for relaying throttle action.

New frame designed for optimum balance

By using a combination of cast aluminum and extruded aluminum parts, the new frame’s rigidity balance was optimized. It achieves outstanding stability, handling performance and steering response.
Here comes the technical specifications:

Overall length×width×height: 2,060×720×1,110mm
Wheelbase: 1,415mm; Dry weight: 177kg
Engine: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve in-line 4-cylinder, 998 cm3
Max. output: 180 PS(132.4KW)/12,500 rpm (*unforced intake)
Max. torque: 11.5 kgf・m (112.7 N・m)/10,000rpm (*unforced intake)

Friends I hope the above information is useful to you, visit my blog regularly for new new updates. Thank you!

How To calculate bhp?

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Here is the simple calculation for bhp. Everyone says that his hiske has higher bhp. But what is that bhp really means? Without knowing that we are speaking about it. Now I am going to explain what it is. When a engine is allowed to run freely the measurement it horse ower. Same engine when allowed to rund under the influence of any frictional force then it is called break horse power. Now the difference between horse power and break horse power is base horse power. Simple is't it?