drug addiction hotline site

The new helpline site founded and managed by a non-profit organization for drug addiction is your helpline when it comes for counseling by phone. Be it you that want to quit drugs but unable to or your friends or family members that is addicted to, you can talk with this organization and the counsellors maybe able to point you i nthe right direction. The site is not a treatment center, but through its effective counseling it will surely point you in the right direction! It surely is not thrilling to do drugs and be in a rehab for months and then only to find youself still being addicted! Get in touch with the people in know and feel better today! 

Talking on phone may endager a child

Its been scientifically proved that when talking on phone while crossing a street, its proven that there is a kinda simulation that takes place in the mind that resembles close to virtual accident. With this in mind, the child without his/her conscious predicts an accident and in most cases infortunately they attract it. Which is very dangerous. So there must be a law that enforces and restricts phone use at ROAD. PERIOD! 


leather office chairs

For better posture and great productivity, a great comfortable ergonomic chairs plays a key role and a family owned business Sit Better, at www.SitBetter.com understands it very well. Sit Better is a new player into the online ergonomic products retailing but its backed with dedicated support and ship anywhere to sit of edge. Their fine assortment includes leather office chairs which is both ergonomic, comfortable and looks better at the same time. Prices are highly affordable and sometimes when you are on the site it makes you feel totally fell that as if they are in this business for more than a decade! 

Phelps is backed

Michael Phelps is backed by IOC, International Olympic Committee. They support olympic and theat obviusly doesn't care what he does personal. Similarly Omega watch brand, also said that the matter is personal and hence a non-issue. Hoever to be noted that these worked out after him publicly appologized for what he did! Even sometimes its hard to stay in control no matter how big you are, and phelps proves it, and he even realizes his mistake which is really big! 

Barack Obama Oil Painting

A new service that lets you print your favourite barack obama picture into hand painted oil painted art is up and running in the spirit to support the President Barrack Obama. The prices starts at $179 (Rolled 18" x 25") and you can brose among the products and choose which Barack Obama painting you like. Unlike a photograph, oil painting is natural art created by human and their creativity deserves a great round of applause, glad that they put their patriotic sprit in this lucrative way and it also helps fans and supporters of Obama to buy a piece of portrait of a man that's creating history!

Google Ocean

Today google added a new feaute to the Google Earth's 3D view - Google Ocean. The oceans looks great and will be a great addition to the existing baggage provided on the google earth. Also the ocean depicts the clear cut actual scenerio, so that you can use these information. 


lap-band conroe

If you are looking for a lap-band conroe surgery, you are in the right place! Dr.Richard Collier is a specialist in Lap Band surgical technique, a better alternative for bypass surgery. With 30+ years of experience Richard's weight loss program is the most sought after in the area of Conroe, Texas.If you are in the Texas area, its a must to visit program, and the site is linked right at the top of this post. When it coems to weight loss, take a informed decision who you like to operate on your body with less risk and sideeffects and with Lap Band you are ensured just that! 

Innovative Bra

http://i42.tinypic.com/2yltyfn.jpg - What an innovative bra is this one? LOL seriously can you imagine what will it look from the outside? It can stun many guy at the beginning and i think playful woman can get a thrill out of this! Hmmm, but i would really hate to see this on my GF or lover or the woman i care about :| 

Web hosting report

Lets face it! We all need to home to live in the web and all these free hosting are like a cloud that you cant trust. To trust something that will live up to the expectation and one that can count of anytime, we need a private shared hosting or dedicated hosting on the basis of your hosting needs. If you are an individual you can get away with shared hosting. So Web Hosting Report, www.WebHostingReport.com is the web hosting review site that allows you to compare various companies side by side by their price and other specifications. If you are unsure of your specification, you can read their article, what to look for in a web hosting.  

Funny License plate

http://flickr.com/photos/vegasgeek/3241647856/ - This picture here, has a car with a license ROFL, HAHA what a name to have and how unforgettable and funny that is. Methinks that in vegas you can have any fancy license plate or buy them hehe. Yep that happens all the time. If you ever wanted to own a license plate that denoted some sense what would that be? Wanna know mine, LOVE hehe i am so romantic! 

Beautiful time piece

Budget watches can be a great budget gift! In this valentine day season, your love deserves a beautiful time piece, without breaking your bank account. At affordable prices and quality not compromised where can you find your ideal gift for her/him so quick? Introducing Blue Dial, www.BlueDial.com the leading Budget watches online retailer has put together cool savings deal for this valentine season. So grab one for him/her and sieze your wonderful time together! From the fine assortment of brands such as casio, citizen, swiss army, gucci, diesel, hamilton... you can surely find your taste. I particularly like the casio watches and they are so classy and attractive, look for the picture attached below. 
Casio LWQ120GA-9AV Ladies Gold Tone Atomic Executive Waveceptor Solar Watch, Free Shipping, Free Sizing

Federer joins Sampras

In the Australian open classic that ended in 7 sets with Nadal winning against Federer, doesn't stop Federer getting emotional! We cried in joy to join Pete Sampras in the History for winning the most grandslam single titles, 14. The match is one of the most classic Autralian open finals ever. It was fun to watch Nadal reply to federer "I know how you feel" - What a line you must say? Nadal is equally brilliant, but its takes something beyond imagination to be like Roger!