Information For Doctors

Hi friends,

Do you know that just finishing the doctor course will not make them professional doctors. We all know that there are lots of advancement in medicine field today, and new new medicines are found out for new new diseases daily. This advancements makes the doctors task difficult. Wonder how?
Yes after finishing their job they will go to their house and read the books to update their knowledge. Now Epocrates have introduced a good technology of getting informations about drugs and its effects on your mobile or PDA CME . So if they want any information about any drug they will just contact Epocrates through this new software and they will kep their knowledge updated.

Here comes the example quoted by the company "For example, a physician is prescribing an antibiotic for a stubborn sinus infection, but the patient is already on Coumadin. The physician would pull out his trusty mobile device to check for potentially harmful interactions between the two drugs before writing the prescription – all without leaving the exam room."