A globe can be a very useful learning tool for geography!! Do you how globes are manufactured? Mass-produced globes are first covered by a printed paper map ( usually with long,thin strips of paper that narrow to a point at the North Pole and the South Pole).After that is done,a small disk is used to paper the irregularities at the poles. It is believed (from a geometrical point of view) that,all points on a sphere are equivalent,i.e. one could select any arbitrary point on the Earth,and create a paper map that covers the EArth with strips that come together at that point - the antipodal point. After the irregularities have been papered,the globe is mounted at angle on bearings. Apart from making it easy to use,the mounting also represents the angle of the planet in relation to its sun and the spin of the planet. This makes it easy to visualize how days and seasons change.. And so,that is how the humble globe is made!