The Risks Associated with Using XML in .NET

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XML and XSL are very powerful tools, and when wisely and somewhat ideally wielded can create Web applications that are simpler to maintain because of the enforced separation of data and presentation.With a little planning, you can reduce the amount of code necessary by compartmentalizing key aspects of functionality using XML and XSL and reusing them throughout the application. Along with changing the way in which your components communicate within your application, XML will change the methods by which entities may communicate over the Internet, while trying to cram it all through port 80 HTTP or HTTPS requests. XML and XSL are open standards, which is one of the reasons why these standards have become so popular. Many times, XML schemas are published by organizations to standardized industry- or business-related information.This is done in the hopes of further automating business processes, increasing collaboration, and easily integrating with new business partners over the Internet. Others, like Microsoft, try to use the framework of collective industry agreements to advance their own proprietary version of a technology. Indeed, it may well be that the greatest risk associated with .NET is the corral that Microsoft puts you into when you use their version of web-based services. One can never be sure that someone won’t at some point close the gate behind you and declare the party over. If you depend on third party services for your own mission-critical business functions, you are always held hostage by that provider. As always, secure design and architecture are key to making sure that none of that information is compromised during the exchange.The next sections provide a basis for understanding and using the XML encryption and digital signature specifications.

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