Sethu speaking about me!!!!!

well testi for Deepak makes me pull a lot of threads from my past.....he is a totally out of the fun loving guy....a gaming freak who is always glued to his monitor most of the time....when a new game hits the market,my only trusted pundit(that includes movies too....we share the same taste )...He is not a nerd but can grasp concepts well....he shares his football views with me which is most of the time arguable ..... a busy bee.....catching this guy is a bit busy as alwayz pre-occupied with his friends....not a slave of brands(i wonder how is it poss?? )....loves to hang around with ppl a lot....he is a guy who has a high hankering for knowledge abt the lates advancements in our dimensional world...The one with whom u can discuss...Comes to play at times but prefers and watching us play and make fun instead of kicking the ball.....we cant forget this guy has he has played an important roll....and hope he plays more of his part better in the future...dude go ahead giant killer!!!