Roles of a Hacker

>A hacker can be and is perceived as many things, including: A criminal, a
magician, a security professional, a cyber warrior, a consumer’s rights
activist, or a civil rights activist to name a few.
>How can you prevent break-ins to your system if you don’t know how
they are accomplished? How do you test your security measures? How
do you make a judgment about how secure a new system is? The answer
is by being a skilled hacker yourself. Knowing how to break into things,
helps developers create more secure systems and programs by being
intimately aware of the type of breaches and techniques that exist.
>Hackers who tout themselves as a consumer advocates believe that by
releasing security breaches to the general public, this forces corporations
and technology providers to fix potentially damaging errors more
>A civil rights hactivist is normally an individual who is concerned with
the sentencing of computer hackers. For example, two hackers break
into the same system. One breaks in just to break in and notify the
organization, the other breaks in and steals valuable and proprietary data.
Should they be given similar sentences?
>Another type of civil rights hactivist is concerned with cryptography
standards and copyright law.