Adventerous Journey

Its me who is driving my RAPTOR(Pulsar 180-dtsi). On the way to Tada falls driving in the speed of 120km/hr. It is a real pleasure to drive in that bypass road with smooth surface.

These waterfalls are better known as Tada falls but actual place is in Ubbalamadugu in Chittore district, Andhra pradesh, India. Tada is a place in Nellore district.

These roads are approximately 90-100kms distance by road from Chennai, where i live.

It is advised to take a person who knows well about this falls, as people visit very rarely this place,the route is difficult.

The guy who is standing in the middle is living in Gumidipundi which s 40Kms from the falls towards Chennai. He will visit this place often so he had a good knowledge of it.

These are my friends having lots of fun in the crystal clear water. We reached here safely in combination of bike ,car n walk.

After trekking the hilly area, we reached a small Siva temple, 3 KM distance from the forest gate. Next to the temple we saw the stream and found
few guys who decided to stop thereonly.

We crossed the stream. From there , We started climbing the hill. Somebody told us the falls are around 2 KM from there. The way is very rocky and steep. We had to cross the stream again and again. Lot of boulders are submerged in the water and we crossed the stream over them. In between we saw a beautiful mini waterfall. it is excellent. while crossing over that,I fell down in water. It took almost 15 minutes find out how to step from one big rock on to other.

After climbing over the rocks of mini falls, we trekked further. Finally we could spot the main waterfalls, seperated by a mini lake. Carefully

we stepped on a submerged wooden log and reached the main water falls. The waterfall is very exciting. We spent an hour there and took lunch .

We wanted to findout from where the water is coming to the falls. Is it a lake above the falls or a stream coming from some other place? We found a steep 20 Ft. high rocky walls. One can reach the top of water falls after climbing that only. I felt disappointed as I cannot climb that height. I got a bag with me and already my left hand was paining ( as earlier I slipped down into the stream from the rocks).

While climbing up we had lots of fun. We enjoyed a lot there. Such a nice place it is.. But this didnt last any more. While we return back to our bike and car through which we traveled we found many of our belongings missing. To prevent things getting damaged in water and when we walk in the rocks we kept our cell phones ,watches , wallets etc.. in our car. As i said earlier it is the place for ultimate fun but its not safe. Somebody have broken the car window glass n took everything(5 cell phones, cash 1000, watch, a spectacle etc..). So be careful my friends.. Have fun wit care...