Careers advice for school leavers

Hi Friends,

Graduating from school as a teenager is an important part of your life. You have been attending schools since you were a child and all the decisions were made for you. You did not even have to make any choices what you prefer to study the most or what career path you should follow before the age 16-18. Suddenly everybody in your class started talking about which university or college they are going to apply to. They began exchanging information about possible careers and different possibilities awaiting them. I clearly remember this stage of my life. I was in my teens when I had to make an important decision of who I wanted to be for my entire life. I wish I had a so called gap year after I graduated from high school. This could have had given me an opportunity to think some of the things over and maybe even choose another path. Also, at that time, the internet was not popular yet and access to good resources was limited. I wish I came across something like careers advice for school leavers. Things could have been a lot easier for me. Before you make any decision concerning your career, you should now its advantages as well as disadvantages. Both sides are important. You should know what is awaiting you if you decide to follow this path, if it will fulfill your expectations and how much money you will be able to make. If you pay a visit to ,you will find a lot of useful info on the possibilities you have. Some of them you might not even heard about. There is definitely a lot of good reading on this site and if you wish, share it with your friends and family members. I am sure that everybody will be able to benefit from information that the site contains.

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