Police gears for u

Here is a website for law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals who need 5.11 apparels. The LAPoliceGear.com has all you need from tactical shirts, tactical pants, footwear, shorts, polos, gear bags and more.How much easier can it get? In addition, there are many items that either qualify for free shipping, or free gifts with purchase. In some cases, you can even get BOTH!Right now there are some fantastic deals on clothing as well. With brands you know like Under Armor, Converse, and Rocky's Boots, there is a good chance you'll find what you're looking for. For you campers out there, I found some backpacks that would be awesome for a hiking trip!

With about 53 categories listed in the sidebar, I think that at first glance I am able to tell what type of items they sell. The image right in the front of the online store claims “More 5.11 Clothing in Stock Than Anyone!”. I am not sure because I don’t buy the gear, but at first look, it does appear to be quite a lot of products.
Currently, if you purchase over $125 in products you get a free BlackHawk hat with your purchase. It’s always nice to get some incentive to throw more into your cart! Right now they have a July 4th sale of 15% off with coupon code: July08 and free a shipping BOTH WAYS on 5.11 tactical series.