XML Validation in VS.NET

VS.NET provides a number of tools to use in your work on XML documents.
One tool allows us to check if a given XML document is well
formed. While on the XML view of an XML document, you can use XML
| Validate XML Data in the Main menu to see if the document is well
formed. The system displays its findings in the bottom-left corner of the
status bar. Similarly, you can also use the Schema Validation tool to
check if your schema is well formed. While on the XML view of the
schema, use the Schema | Validate Schema option of the Main menu
to perform this task.
However, none of the preceding tests guarantees that your XML
data is valid according to the rules specified in the schema. To accomplish
this task, you first need to link your XML document to a particular
schema. Then you can test the validity of the XML document. Follow
these steps to assign a schema to an XML document:
1. Display the XML document in XML view (in the XML
2. Display its Property sheet (it will be captioned DOCUMENT).
3. Open the drop-down list box at the right-hand side of the
targetSchema and select the appropriate schema.
4. Now go ahead and validate the document using the XML |
Validate XML Data in the Main menu.
By the way, many third-party software packages can also test if an
XML document is well formed, and if it is valid (against a given schema).
In this context, we have found the XML Authority (by TIBCO) and XML
Writer (by Wattle Software) to be very good.