Mighty Blow By Indians

Hi everybody,

Have you seen the exciting and thrilling match between Australia and India?
Sure no one wold have missed it!! Yesterday I left all my works and made me free for this awesome match. When we started this tri-series with Australia rain stopped play and i have no hope that India will make off to finals. In between we met with some failures but still our young team have broken through the huddles and reached the top. I was very happy when our team enters the finals and won a match against Australia. This was the second finals where our heros proved to be Indians.

What i thought previously was that it was there home ground and australians will be very strong there, but that was not the case we defeated australia with a powerful fight back given by Praveen Kumar. He was declared the Man Of The Match. Australians insulted Harbjan Sing a lot and now a single victory made australians to realize their mistake. By this match Mr.Adam Gillchrist is out of the game. He announced retiremint from test matches and now one day too. I would like to say the only gentle man of Australian team is Gilli. Lets give him a great send off.

Indians are now the real champions and we ll soon expect our team at the top of the ranking.