No doubt I expect Stoner to be as strong, or stronger than last year !!!

Hi friends,

On an interview after he came across his bad times last year he shares his present situation and future plans. The interview starts with the question about his health. He s doing fine now and he says he is perfectly alright for the forth coming GRAND PRIX championship. He told there is a major change in his team and sponsors. After finishing as runner up in the year 2007 he and his team decided to try new effort of changing the tyres. Yes! He is going to ride with BRIDGESTONE which is going to be very exciting and new experience to him. He added that he is positive about this new try. He says that they need a lot of time to find out as much as possible about the Bridgestone tyres and to make sure that their bike is working at the maximum with them. They also need a lot of time to develop the new engine and make sure that they are in a better position with regards to top speed. Luckily they have four tests before the first race and Rossi is confident that he will be in good shape at the start of the season. Motivation is high and everyone is working at 100%, he says.

He says even in this series without a doubt he expect Stoner to be as strong, or stronger than last year, and so they will have to make a great, great fight to beat him. This year he will be on the same tyres as him and he is looking forward to having some great battles with him. Pedrosa of course will also be at the front again as well as many of the others Quite a lot of riders have changed bikes this year and it will be very interesting but he is expecting everyone to be competitive from the start; Melandri, Hopkins, Capirossi, Vermeulen etc.

So friends no doubt that it will be a very exciting season. Let us cheer Rossi. All the very best Rossi. We love to see you boosing on the bike and conquering the track always..