Understanding Your Motorcycle

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Today I am going to discuss about various types of Motorcycles. Only if we know the type of your motorcycle you can go in to maintenance section.So before you break out the tools and start getting your hands greasy, it's a good idea for you to do a little analysis as to what kind of maintenance your bike will need. Different types of bikes and different types of riding need different types of maintenance, and knowing what your bike needs will ensure that you don't miss an element of maintenance.

Motorcycle Types

It s
hould seem obvious that different types of bike need different types of maintenance, but some riders simply see a set of two wheels, a seat, and handlebars and assume that the maintenance will be the same. This is far from the truth, however!

Think a
bout it....Dirt bikes need much different types of maintenance than cruisers do. The abuse that dirt bikes take and the amount of dirt that they ingest at the track warrants a much different maintenance regiment. The following gives an very brief overview of the different types of maintenance that different styles of bikes need:


One of the most popular style of bike on the road nowdays, and actually one that usually requires a very straight-forward maintenance regiment. In many cases, changing fluids, checking tire pressure, caring for the drive train, and washing/waxing regularly will be the typical regiment. Proper winterization will also extend the life of your cruiser.

Dirt bikes

As mentioned earlier, dirt bikes take a lot of abuse. After a long day of pounding the track, the suspension and frame should be inspected for damage, the motor needs special care to ensure that heat or dirt have not caused damage, and (especially if it's a two-stroke) special care needs to be taken in understanding the fluid needs of these bikes.


Long trips and extended mileage can take a heavy toll on the tires and suspensions of tourers. In addition, lots of miles in time in the elements can also result in rusted components and take a toll on the electrical system, Each should be inspected frequently, as well as other maintenance items such as brake pads, drive belt or shaft, and fluid levels.

en it comes to superbikes, it's usually about speed and cornering. This means ensuring that your motor is taken care of with the proper fluid changes, your tires are in top-notch condition, and your chain is adjusted appropriately. The last thing you want is to dive into a twisty and end up with your rear-end slipping out from under you. Depending on how hard you push your superbike, maintenance could make the difference between a good day on the road and a hospital visit.

Any time you start pushing a bike that was designed for every-day riding to speed and cornerning limits, maintenance will increase. Street-Sport bikes like the Honda SuperHawk and the BMW K1200 series are designed for everyday riding, but also offer some of the performance features that superbikes or dirt bikes offer. Depending on how you ride the bike, the maintenance will differ. Ride it like a cruiser and maintenance will be pretty straight forward. Ride it like a superbike or dirt bike, and more maintenance will be required.

I hope the above information will be useful to you. Next day I will go in detail about maintenance so keep checking...