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Its the time for leave to your native. Tired of the long and exasperating journey while travelling in buses? Well, it shouldn’t be so anymore. Wonder why? Read on!
A.M. Rathnam, one of the topmost producers in the film industry, has many movies to his credit including hits like 7G Rainbow Colony, Ghilli, Indian, Dhool, Bheema to name a few.
Having reaped success after success, he has now decided to do something that very few would even think of. Yes, Rathnam has given the rights to display all his films to the transport corporations and companies that operates buses to various destinations. And this is inclusive of the dubbing rights also. The point to be noted is, his very recent film, Bheema also features in this list. Isn’t it one more reason to hop on a bus and take off to your favourite destination?



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