Dirt Devil AccuCharge

Hi Friends,


Have you ever involved yourself in cleaning your own house? If yes, you will definitely know the difficulties involved in it. I am a racer by profession and spend most of my time with bikes..Considering the fact that I'm a bachelor and don't have anybody to clean up after my mess, I try to clean up whenever I can ( Atleast try to..!).

My heavy duty racing leaves me drained out of energy at the end of the day and you know what a bachelor's life must be like....! All I do after I get back home is laze on the couch and watch tv.Even my dinner is delivered home!! My Dog Tommy is my best companion...While he helps me combat lonliness that hits me occasionally,he also makes it a point to leave something for me to clean up when I get back home.By the time a week reaches its end,my house always looks inhabitable..

This happened to my friend...One fine day he returned home from work at 9pm, his wife was away for the week and on entering his house he found... his dog chose his bedroom to pee in! (What a warm welcome!!).

Only after experiences like these did I decide to look for something that wouldn't make cleaning up so unpleasant! Thats when I found Dirt Devil ...and what a Devil it is :) !

Dirt Devil saves a lot of energy (in all ways). The new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac use 70% less energy than any normal vaccum. This makes AccuCharge the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Energy Star approval. I now find cleaning a fun activity and sometimes a de-stresser too!! The best part is...My House looks transformed,nobody would guess it is a bachelor's nest!! I strongly feel every house should have a Dirt Devil...You will never find anything better than this. You can find more technical information about AccuCharge in their site. I hope this product impressed you a lot. Grab one ASAP.
Thank you!

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