Ducati 1098 A Rocket

Hi Friends,

Wow, have you tested the 1098? a real rocket!!! I drove it a few days ago!!!
My monster is nothing if I compare it with the 1098. The power gives you a rush!!!! But i have to say, the bike is very uncomfortable on the regular road. I think to drive it on a race track must be amazing. Anyway, it is a great bike. I just got a other Duccati a week ago. Nothing new, it is a 900ss built 1993. I can't say the bike is very pretty, but it is a classic ducati with some charisma.

Well, if you want to find the limit of your bike, and if you really want to improve your riding, go on a race track! on the road you will NEVER find the limit plus it is very dangerous, especially with a rocket like your 1098. Of course you can also improve your riding on the road, my suggestion is: ride as much as possible!!! It may be as much as about 10'000km a year, and that gives me the routine that i can say, yes i feel comfortable. I don't know how much you people will ride, but if you want to, we can also meet somewhere and go for a ride together. Inform me soon we will meet.