Zookoda email newsletters

Hi Friends,

I visit a lot of blogs in one day. And sometimes I have to click on the blog rolls in my blog one by one to visit each blog only to find that not all of them have updated and the process repeats everyday. Or would you like to 'market' your blog through email newsletters by sending a weekly or monthly summary of your posts to your visitors inbox???

Either way, Zookoda does the work for you! With Zookoda, your visitors can make subscriptions to your blog updates and have the posts deliver straight to their mail inbox. What's more, you could even customize the newsletter subscription forms in your blog so that it will match your blog layout. You can also design the newsletters to customize it according to your own preferences to grab yourself some attention.

That way you can ensure that your visitors are kept updated of any new blog posts anywhere! Did i just mention "anywhere"? It is a sure thing with Zookoda since you can also access mobile users by emailing your blog content in text format! On top of all that, Zookoda provides you with real-time reports that let you find out the success of your email newsletter. You can also schedule recurring broadcasts daily, weekly or monthly.

I for one am certainly interested in Zookoda and i think i should sign up later on. Have i forgot to mention that all these is FREE? Yes you heard me correctly. It IS free! So what are you waiting for?
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