SocialSpark is Great for Mommy Bloggers

Hi Friends,

The amount of mommy bloggers out there on the internet today is crazy! There are so many it's insane! I've met some great women through blogging. And there are about 15 blogs that I read religiously and really enjoy reading. Not only because they may be funny, but also because alot of the times I'm reading something that I've either been through as well or felt the same exact way about a similar situation. And sometimes, knowing there is someone else out there that feels the same way you do can be very comforting.

Anyway, for all of you mommy bloggers out there, if you already don't know about SocialSpark, please go and sign up. It's a great way to help make some extra money whether you're a stay at home mom or even if you work. I'm a stay at home mom and blogging for money has helped us out many times in the past. There really hasn't been a day that's gone by where I haven't had a chance to blog about something and get paid for it. My time lately has been less to actually be on the computer, but if I want it - it's out there. It's helped us pay for the kids soccer (and competitive soccer is not cheap at all), flag football, recreational soccer, go on vacations and some extra stuff. My husband and I are actually debtaing putting our oldest in another soccer thing called Project 40 at the local college and if we do, it's seriously going to cost us an arm and a leg. But it would be SO worth it for our son. So I know I'll have to make time to come on the computer and blog. And knowing that Social Spark is here to help me do that is awesome.

Their site is so easy to navigate. And the other great thing about it is once you join, you'll be able to meet other mommy bloggers just like yourself. I've met some great people just at that site. So if you blog and would like to make some extra money to help pay for the rising prices of gas, go to Social Spark right now and sign up. You won't be disappointed!

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