Hybrid Cars

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A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses more than one distinct source of power to propel it. Most hybrid vehicles use a combination of internal combustion engines and electric batteries to power electric motors.With the levels of pollution increasing, hybrid cars are sure to gain more popularity than they already have! The "hybrid" concept has been applied to almost all modes of transportation,the most important of them being cars,trains and buses. Hybrid car engines are generally of two types- Gasoline assist,where the engine can propel itself using only the electric motor at very low speeds and using the gasoline engine only when more power is needed. This gives cars more mileage. The electric assist,as its name suggests uses the electric motor only to assist the gasoline engine when it needs exta boost!
A hybrid vehicle consumes much less fuel and does not cause much pollution either.Another good news is that Hybrid vehicle emmissions are getting close to and even less than the recommended level set by the EPA. Hybrids are increasingly being known as "Green vehicles" as they are more environment friendly than before.



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