Realities about R15

Hi Friends,

I personally inspected the r15…no doubt its a well advanced bike but, the faring looked like some kind of cheap plastic…i was expecting it to b priced around 75k to 80k….and BOOM!! its around 1.2 lakhs(on road)!!!

now,its time for a detailed analysis,seriously…
wt does these Yamaha people think of us(Indians)?
do we look like some kind of illiterates who still live in the 1980s?
first, lets talk about the design many think tat its sexy,cool and stuff. But,if u guys have time , try to check out Yamaha's new 2008 R125 model(international)in google , which is an 125cc machine ,around 14 bhp now, thats the exact little brother of the R series look at its design so, my point is that,when the Yamaha people are capable of designing an 125 cc machine so well, why cant they design an 150 cc machine that way for us. Why is this difference when compared to the international market? or do they think tat we , Indians are not capable of handling hi-tech styling? no,seriously, I fail to understand , why is this discrimination?

Second,lets come to the bhp. We actually thought that the bike would be around 20 to 22 bhp. But, we’ve got ourselves a 17 bhp machine most other 150 cc bikes produce around 14 to 15.5 bhp.This R15 is just around 2 bhp more and for this they have created a huge storm among the bikers. Something like “with the launch of this bike we are going to regain the lost brand name” for obvious reasons we would be expecting a good performance bike but, oops its yet another 17 bhp machine and of course comes with a huge price.

Third,lets talk about the price. Answer me honestly guys. Are you willing to pay Rs.1,11,000/- for a bike which has a full faring(looks like very cheap, plastic, when seen in person),17 bhp(around 2 bhp more from other 150cc bikes),liquid cooled(have already used in P200),back disc brake(already used in P220),digital speedometer(already used in many bikes),thin tyres and the tail part of the bike looks very much like a normal commuter bike.?



June 21, 2008 at 9:58 PM

hey deepak,

im Max, the original owner of the above review....u copied my work...instd of this u cud hav licked my dirty shoes!!!


August 16, 2008 at 7:28 AM

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