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This site of mine is published through a blogspot account. That means I didn’t require any web space to host this blog. Its pretty cool but that was before I came to know about WordPress which I personally feel is the best blogging platform. But the sad thing is that it provides free hosting for its subdomains only. So, to publish a blog in your own domain in WordPress, you need a hosting. Now the thing is that there are many free hosting providing services which I have tried. But it was a tragic experience when a free hosting company where I hosted one of my domains got bankrupt. And it was just the beginning. They didn’t had any backup system…oh it was such a nightmare. All my months work was gone in minutes. I had to do everything from scratch.

Still, I had to find a web hosting which must be reliable. Then I came across few articles on web hosting in Web hosting rating. The articles were really an eye opener. also had listed out and rated best web hosting providers based on customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability and dependability, site uptime and downtime, technical support provided, etc. I then choose one of the hosting based on customer satisfaction and I must say my decision wasn’t wrong. It’s been more than 6 months and there hasn’t been even a single complain. There are no words to thanks Web Hosting Rating. If you are having difficulty finding the perfect web hosting for your needs do check I’m sure it’ll be a great help for you.



September 11, 2008 at 6:26 PM

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