350 cc Royal Enfield

In 1955 the Redditch company partnered Madras Motors in India in forming 'Enfield India' to make, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai). At first machines were assembled from components shipped from England, but by 1962 all components were Indian-made. Now independent since the demise of Royal Enfield in England, it still makes an essentially similar bike in 350 cc and 500 cc forms today along with several derivatives of it. This was initially sold under the Enfield name but since the 1990's it has once again been sold as the Royal Enfield.

These are being imported into the United Kingdom and other western countries in increasing numbers, though the newer versions with electric start are becoming more popular than the 'classic' version which is little changed from 1955.