Application Errors

Have you wondered why your computer is slow sometimes? It’s because there are numerous windows processes that are running in the background! To view them hit windows + R on your keyword, you will a get a run application window, type ‘taskmgr’ and task manger will open up! Select process tab to see the list of processes.  Because of the numerous application that are running in the background, when they prompt an error oftentimes you can’t identify where it’s coming from. 

For example if you are avid online gamer and play games such as F.E.A.R, they ask you to install an anti cheat software called the Punkbuster. You might have encountered many errors one such is pnkbstra.exe communication failure. Follow that link to learn more about that error! Not only that, provides information on all the known application processes, errors associated with them and even solutions to solve that.

You can also stop/pause these processes by opening run application window by hitting Windows key + R, and typing ‘msconfig’ and navigating to processes tab. Once you identified the process that’s giving you troubles, head over to and search for it, often time you will have a topic covering that process, its application errors and a step-by-step solution to solve that problem. is your one stop place to get information on all your application errors and how to  solve them.  



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