Error & Port Library

Once again Uniblue did it! They provided a very valuable resource when they released Dll Library. Now they are releasing Port and Error code Library on PC Library provides information on system errors - what it means and how to resolve it, port numbers – what it means and what application or process it is associated with!

On the home page you can find two tabs – port and errors. Errors section allows you to browse different system error code and provides details on what it is, why it occurs and how to resolve it. Port section allows you to browse various port numbers, and provides specific information on each one such as what application or software it is associated with and how errors are caused and software recommendation to resolve and prevent it!

For example let’s take tcp port 37777. As you can see it’s related to TCP protocol and it’s associated with Digital video recorder hardware. The error page shows you software recommendation based on performance, stability and drivers.

When you browse by error code range or port code range the interface is easy to use, and the particular error code or port code is easy to find. Yet another but useful resource from uniblue after Dll library!