First impressions with gmail themes

Today i am going to talk about a cool feature introduced in gmail - Gmail themes! If you are yet to see this feature, look for a tab near search bar, that says customize themes. If you cant see it or find in the settings tab, google is still rolling out to all accounts and yours will be available shortly. 30 different themes to choose from, and more will be added. 

To change the themes, go to Themes tab under Settings in your gmail screen. For further help visit Themes Help Center

This is what people at the Gmail blog has to say 

"We wanted to go beyond simple color customization, so out of the 30 odd themes we're launching today, there's a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your inbox into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can rain on your mailbox, and fun characters to keep you in good company. There's even an old school ascii theme (Terminal) which was the result of a bet between two engineers -- it's not exactly practical, but it's great for testing out your geek cred. We've also done a minor facelift to Gmail's default look to make it crisper and cleaner -- you might notice a few colors and pixels shifted around here and there."

Out of all the themes, i personally liked the "Tea house" themes, which changed the sunrise/sunset and weather according to your location. WOW! The location is asked when you themes that needs one. I am yet to see the raining effect :D