Webhosting Review site that hosts a great amount of offers!

As a full time affiliate marketer, I know how important it is to help find the right deals that the customers are looking for. When your business is entirely online, or you want to have a hobby site, you need to get a domain and host it on a reliable web hosting service, rather than using a free hosting service, even though if it’s free from ads! 

When you have a domain idea of your choice, the next step you need to do is go to www.webhostinggeeks.com and learn about different hosting services. Why you need to reinvent the wheel when someone is making it as their job and helping people find a good hosting company since 2004. I wish I had known this site, when I first started out in 2006! Let’s face it, there are many web hosting reviews site, and I am always skeptical when it comes to a review site and I wont endorse it, unless it really stands out and capture my attention with all the things I am looking for, but I must admit this is the most neatly organized web hosting reviews site I have ever seen!

If you are thinking of a multiple site, I’d recommend you use different hosting accounts for many technical advantages you get. For example, when you use same hosting for all the sites you own, you need to use the add-on domain feature and that new site would be a subdomain of your primary site, which totally doesn’t make any sense if your primary site is about tomatoes and the other site is about diapers.

So feel free to browse www.webhostinggeeks.com and learn about different hosting services. They list out the top10 hosting companies, which is very useful to compare different services. They also have informative articles on hosting that you need to read to get familiar with hosting terms and specifications. Once you have learnt enough, browse through the ‘Best webhosting awards’ section to see what hosting companies they have chosen for the particular subcategory of web hosting such as php, budgeted, multiple domains, ecommerce, VPS, reseller, Windows, UNIX, forum, email and even blogs. This blog is currently hosted on blogger, a free service; I am going to take their advice when I am planning to move to a hosted one next year! 

So bookmark this site, even though you are not planning to get a hosting service now, you wont find a neatly organized web hosting reviews site anywhere, when this much amount of dedication is put into this site! This is one of the review sites where ratings are not biased with ranking the service that earns them the most commission on the top, which is what I look for in any review site. So use this site and make a good purchasing decision!