File Types

Have you ever wondered when you first come across a file format and don’t know which software or program that can open it? Or heck you are wondering why that file is so long and whether it’s an archive file, video file or even a database dump in a comma seperated value files or CSV? It happened to me many times, I immediately to the google to look it up; seldom would I find the file extension and no proper solution. Introducing the site dedicated to provide information on all types of known and unknown file extension and the program or software associated to open it, what the file does, it’s type and what are all the programs that support this file extension and even information on similar file extensions. As you see the site, the latest extension is .widget the one that yahoo widget uses to label it’s widgets and now after you install yahoo widget the .widget gets automatically assigned to open with yahoo widgets. One more thing I like in the in the windows is that, it saves information regarding all the programs that can open a similar file for example, csv file, it can be opened with Microsoft excel, notepad and open office.