Blog Acquired!

Hi Readers,

This blog has been acquired by Gloperm LLC, from it's previous owner Deepak. Gloperm LLC, is a company that does paid and organic search performance marketing for companies it chooses to work with. We are thus, a new entrant to the Blogging world! woot! We hope to continue what Deepak did and take it to the next step. 

Link partners! your links on the blog will remain intact, along with the widgets, shoutbox and mybloglog. Before you imagine, let us say that we bought this blog entirely for the purpose of participating in So this is a news that payperpost blogs are being acquired to avoid the 90 days prerequisite delay and also for some google juices (Let's face it! who wouldn't like to start with a PR2 rather than builiding everything from ground-up!?!). 

With that said, let me talk about why i feel (PPP) is the best opportunity for bloggers and why it needs to fuse with (another IZEA project).

Recently, a friend of mine got his blog penalized and his Google PageRank got reduced from 5 to 0. Can you guess why? Sponsored postings! It's hard to put up with such a loss that happened overnight and is it necessary to still depend on PageRank to get opportunities from the PPP?!?!

If you have or are using PPP, you sure might have known that, a group of well known bloggers including Google condemned it's business model. A business model that provides a marketplace for bloggers and advertisers to connect them together. Bloggers get paid for writing about advertisers and ofcoursing linking to their site! 

Well-known bloggers saw it as a violation of the blogger's integrity to their readers and and Google thought it as nothing but just a paid linking activity that provided no value to the user. Popular bloggers disliked the idea of a sponsored post with a content that has a biased tone and subject which would not only not add value but deteriorate it ! We dont think so!  (read on to know why...)

Bloggers who cared about their reputation, saw that it morally clicked with them to use only CPM, CPC or any other advertising models other than the paid posting, to monetize! Many bloggers felt that is a little better, for tweaking's Business model and trying to thrive to survive in the paid links marketplace, by allowing only to review the advertisers' site and paying bloggers for the money they demand. John Chow, a blogger is very happy with it ;)

What do you think? Do Bloggers know how to estimate their value or a system that can estimate the blog with a measure what advertisers are looking for? IZEA answered it well when it introduced Real rank™ that ranked blogs based on their unique visitors and unique hits! Jim kukral, a blogger thought that it would be an alexa killer! LOL 

Does that necessarily mean that we (bloggers) are looking for a much better system than a payperpost? No! We and many bloggers who all got penalized, all for PPP depending on PageRank,  pondering about a much better system, aka PPP 2.0 (LOL) indeed! Not only that, also should consolidate into it, thus there be a one marketplace that no longer depend on the google page rank to evaluate blogs!

That doesn't mean we disagree with google. RealRank Achieves more than PageRank when it comes to valuing Blogs for PPP/SocialSpark kinda marketplace. It computes blog value, taking it's performance directly into account rather than using a PageRank computed by Google which is not upto date accurate anyway! 

So with that said, we are excited to blog, take sponsor post offers and make sure to use this also as my personal blog, to share my experience about IZEA projects and our company Gloperm LLC. So watch out for PPP related tips and also PPC and SEO for affiliate products which we excel at! We are yet to take clients for our company, as we feel comfortable choosing companies that we like working with in an affiliate agreement or as a Value Added Reseller! What can be better than a business model that allows to choose what you want to promote and getting paid for that! 

Hope to see you soon! 

Yours Sincerely,
Eshwar Iyer
Co-founder Gloperm LLC.