The Bodyguard

I am in this post going to talk about a korean drama i recently saw on the internet and enjoyed it whole-heartedly! The Bodyguard, which is a mini series of 22, one hour a long episodes features a story of a man, (Hong Kyung Tak) who with his "fight for justice" attitude and a temper finds it hard to hold any jobs. He fights for the man on streets and was recently fired himself from a military service due to the bad superiors, and works with his family restuarant untill one day when he sets off to find a job, saves a female bodyguard's (Park Yu Jin) client in an accident, enabling him to get a job as a bodyguard at the national leading security firm called KBB. In the meanwhile a country girl (Lee Na Young) moves to neighbourhood of Hong Kyung Tak along with her grandmother and become friend with his sister Hong Kyung Mi. As the story moves, the hero faces many challenges with his duty, ethically with his company, emotionally with his female colleague Park Yu Jin and his neighbour Lee Na young.

The 22 hour flick is worth watching for it's splendid English Subtitle, Wonderful Korean Accent, rib tickling comedies, heart pounding action movements, complicated Love triangle and how truth finds it's way!

You can watch the show entirely online or download it to your hard drive(3.5 GB) from here,

I hope you watch it and enjoy it as i did! 



February 25, 2017 at 7:15 PM

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