The Nightmare Awards

Hi Friends,
Long time i was been waiting for a real Horror Movie. Just now finished watching the Trailer of Frontier(s). Its simply awesome. This film has all the qualities of a real horror movie. That is this film is scary and has got lots of actions. This film still remains unrated due to some reasons. The reason behind this movie not get listed in all theaters is this has got a high horror rating. The scenes involved in this film is not erasable from your mind. The film carries an awesome social commentary about raising a kid in a horrible word or quite possibly a horrible family. When you're rooting for the main character’s baby to die before it’s born, you know you’re watching some heavy. If you want to know more information about this film you can check their site and also read the user comments. Fro their comments itself you can make out that this is a fantastic movie. This film will get R rating only if some of the scenes are edited or deleted. So they have decided to release the movie unedited in few theaters. This is the history behind being listed in limited number of theaters.

As i said earlier this movie is going to be released only in few theaters. Select theater listings from their site and find which one is nearer to you. Unfortunately none of the theater s near to me. I am ver sad that i could not see the movie on the big screen on very first day. Friends please don't miss to see the film very first day itself because they may cut some scenes in later shows. Frontier(s) is a type of movie to be enjoyed by seeing uncensored version. Actually I am a great fan of Horror movies unfortunately i had to miss this movie.

** Please realize this Opp is about a horror movie and some of the images as well as the movie trailer may not be suitable for all audiences **

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