Click Booth

Hi friends,

Here is another genuine affiliate program for us to earn more. Stop using Adsense and other cost per click and cost per impression ads. Don't waste your precious time in believing those things. This Clickbooth publisher network is based on CPA(cost per analyzing). That is the advertiser will pay you only for successful events like entering the email address, sales, registrations etc.. Clickbooth is a division of IntegraClick, Inc., based in Sarasota, Florida.

Coming to the signing up process, It is soo easy that you have to provide usual informations like email address, name, country, address etc.. The main thing you have to note here is you have to provide your phone number. Please provide a number which you are using because once you have completed first step they will immediately call you to the number which you have provided and you will be able to hear a 4-digit pin which is a recorded voice. You have to enter the pin in the place provided. Then you have to enter your site URL. You can add upto 10 sites but the thing is all your sites should be under same category. That is all your registration process is over.

Clickbooth publisher Network will take 72 hrs for reviewing your site. The main thing is payment they will send you a check every 15th of a month. Note that you have reached 50$ only then your first check will be sent. Clickbooth also have referral programs which can yield you additional income. You will get 2% of the amount earned by your referral and 10$ sign up bonus for affiliate. For more information visit Enjoy happy earnings..