Car Angels

Hi Friends,

When giving your car away as a donation, you should also be proud. This is another benefit to donating your car. Most individuals, who do donate their cars, are left with a feeling of selflessness and pleasure. Not all individuals make the decision to donate their cars. In fact, if given the opportunity, many car owners would choose to sell their car before donating it to charity. You should be proud of yourself for making to decision to help someone else before helping yourself.

In fact, when it comes to car donations, you will find that you have a number of different options. First, you could contact all local charities and ask if they would like to acquire your car, as a donation. If you do not have the time to do this, you could contact a company or organization that specializes in car donations. Once they have your car in their possession, they will then search for a charitable organization who could use it. Although you will not necessarily know where your car will end up, you will find that using a car donation company saves you time and maybe even money.

Car Angel is a Christian Non-Profit that helps Orphans (over 1500 sponsored through world vision at one time), This organization has been trusted by many sponsors, as they serve wholeheartedly, they have reached many poor countries such as Philippines, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Columbia, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Mexico, to improve educations, and feeding programs, to reach the poor, the outcast and the underprivileged.

Not only can you donate car, you can even donate boat, truck, trailer, RV, tractor, motorcycle or plane which you no longer utilize them. They will arrange for the sales of your donated items and generate the funds to either your preferred beneficiary or their own which includes helping out single mothers, orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab, as well as prison reform.

Not only do you get to write off the charitable donation when it come time to do your taxes, but you will also know that your old car is being used for a good cause or either the proceeds of your old car’s sale will go to deserving charities. I know that I will feel better with the knowledge that the car I’ve been driving for all these years will still be helpful for others.

One of their current projects is to create free DVDs for kids, anti-drug movies and prison literature to be distributed free in the USA to create the awareness on rightful living values. Don’t you feel great that just by donating one item and you can help thousands of lives? Now visit and donate your car and love!