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Do you have a bank account? There are many banks available for you to open an account and get benefited. But there are very few banks which catches customer satisfaction. Now I will introduce a new bank WaMu which offers you the best Savings Accounts I have ever seen. In the end I will ask you a question that decides your future lifestyle..WaMu is offering you many exciting offers I am going to discuss about it below.

Statement Savings
It is very easy to save money using this feature. They are offering the same rate and don't worry about the deposit, it is independent of rate.They are making your job still easier that is you can open your account in just a few minutes on the phone or in a branch.

Online Savings
This is very simple and attractive. All you need is 1$ , 7 minutes time and a computer connected to internet, you can apply for an Online Savings account! Once you have applied you can access your money through an ATM.

Traditional CD
They have another feature called traditional CD. Lock in CD interest rates than many other savings products with WaMu's Traditional CD for 1 month to 10 years. They have added Bump Rate feature through which you can improve your score.

Online CD
Open a WaMu Online CD account online, you will get a great certificate of deposit (CD) rate, and avoid bank lines. It starts from 6 months and goes upto 60. The rates are also attractive, all you need here is $1,000.00 to start your account.

Liquid CD
In this feature you can open your account with $5,000 or more by phone or at any WaMu Financial Center. Here also you can see attractive interest rates which gives you profit. They have also included offers for people under 19 years of age.

Take your time to check the interest rates by clicking the link which i have provided above. Now the question comes, Isn't this valuable? Are you not convinced? If the answer for these questions is yes in your mind then you will be successful, otherwise read this again and take your time to visit their site http://www.wamu.com/ and get convinced soon.
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