Savings Account From WaMu

Hi pals,

Every one in this world if they earn they need some sort of saving their earnings. There are lots of banks for serving this purpose. But for each and every bank the terms and conditions differs some bank are profitable and some banks have hidden charged which will annoys the people. Now I am going to speak about a company which offers you the best Savings Account in this world. WaMu is a company which have got many exciting offers and trustable. Some of the features offered by WaMu are free online banking, free electronic statements. Online banking allows you to sit in the home and you can know about the current status of your account, you can check your account balance, you can check transactions report and by this way you can see up to 13 months of transaction history. Also you can download your statements for your reference. So this is highly reliable. You can also transfer funds between accounts through online banking facility.

All you need to do for opening an account is just fill in a online registration form and $1 of deposit. The main thing you have to notice here is if your account balance falls below $300 you need to pay $4 as penalty. No other hidden charges applies. You don't have to pay any monthly charges for checking your account online or for using any other features. They are giving you another facility of linking your savings account and checking account. Sign up for Overdraft Transfer Service and available funds will be transferred from your linked Online Savings account to your checking account to prevent overdrafts or other NSF transactions like bounced checks. This depends on transaction limits and funds availability. They also allow to use ATM to withdraw funds. Again this depends on transactions limit and funds availability, but you no need to worry about that because the limit will be well above your needs. Open your account and plan a successful life. For more details check out Thank you!