Positive and Negative specifications of the bike

Hi Friends,
Positive specifications of the bike:

* Improved technology has been equipped to the bike to provide MotoGP race experience
* All aluminum “DiASil Cylinder” has been brought for the first time in a bike
* The “Deltabox frame” is proved for good balance
* New kind of 150cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine is provided
* It is a great ride on the bike that makes the it easy and comfortable even in high speed

Negative specifications of the bike:

* The cost of the bike is still not known but if it is too high then the riders may opt for Nano car instead of a bike


The cost of the bike is expected to be around Rs 80,000 though the companies will try to make an economical bid as Tata has announced the launching of the 1 lakh car Nano.