Disney movie club

Hi Friends,

Staying home all day with twins is hard, staying home all day with twins when your husband has to go away for work, is the worst. It has happened dozens of times over the past five years. The worst was when he needed to go away for a month. He flew home on weekends but I was on my own with TWO, two year olds. He did something I would have never thought to do though, he joined the Disney movie club for us and had them send us movies.

We are not huge believers in television for kids, but when you are alone with twins for a month, anything goes. He picked out which movies he wanted, paid a small fee and the next week we had a surprise stack of new movies to enjoy. All of E’s favorites were on the list like, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King and The Incredibles. We had to buy a couple of more movies (that were no more expensive then buying at the Disney store or Best Buy) over the next year so then I got to pick my favorites like Aladdin and Cinderella in Disney movie club.

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