Update of R15

Hi friends,

I got the information that the bike is kept in Bangalore show room and it is going to explore the world in few month. % bikes are under test drive in 5 major cities. They are testing the bike in different conditions. The reports given by the test riders is as follows.

1] Top speed touched - 150kmph on speedometer.. [i.e +/- 5% ll b real time speed...] the vehicle was pretty much stable till 140-145.. then, was not all that stable.. but riders have touched 150kmph..

2] Mileage in city - 43-45kmpl..

3] Riders have dipped such that the footrest almost scraped the road.. but the grip was relatively good.

4] One loop hole.. these tyres wear out max by 6000 to 7000kms..

5] During launch, only black n blue colors will be launched..

6] Here, the on road price might be nearly a lakh..85000 is the ex-showroom price..

7] General maintainence cost will be relatively higher than its counterparts..

8] Ride position is like tat of a sports bike.. pretty good.. but uncomfortable if you are short and stout.. you've gotta be short and fit to be comfortable!!

9] Seat is very small.. Not gonna be comfortable if 2 people of medium-large build sit on the bike.. The pillion will have major issues..

10] The distance between the pillion riders' footrests is pretty less. So will be uncomfortable again if you are large in build..

11] Its meant for the statistics of average Indian male height which is said to be 5ft 5in to 5ft 6in.. of course you gotta be of medium build.. else, it'll get cramps.. pillion riders, watch out!!

As a conclusion I say that this bike will suits me. Ha ha...



May 15, 2008 at 1:44 PM

Nice info on the bike....
when is the launch?
i dont think the booking has started as yet...ne more technnical info on the bike?
culd u compare it to P220..

u seem a big enthusiast for bikes..just like me!!

my name is rahul n im from delhi..
where u from and what do u do?
do u have a bike club?


May 20, 2008 at 8:57 PM



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