I Signed up for SocialSpark!

Hi Friends,

Today I will write a brief note about SocialSpark. I was using socialspark for past 30 days. I have found many advantages and new advancements in this site. Nowadays we can see that the increase in number of bloggers is drastic. I know very well that 75% of the bloggers are aiming to earn through their blogs. Do you think that every one gets a job to do so that every one can earn. Friends you would have experienced that you may be getting less number of jobs from other sites and you might be getting less payment. All these problem is because of increase in population of bloggers. We should be happy about that but in other hand our profit is decreased. To overcome these difficulties an exciting new website has emerged with exciting features. I will explain everything with screen shots so that you will believe my words.

The above is the proof of high paid jobs. Likewise there are lots of jobs for you to write about and you can earn quickly and easily. Here there is no need for you to wait in front of the monitor to see when is the job going to be released. You can relax and visit the socialspark when you are free the job will be waiting for you. What you have to do is just reserve it you will be given another 12 hours time to finish the job. Is it not interesting?

The above screen shot shows you that you can earn bonus for your posts. If you write the post in impressive way you will be awarded with bonus. Bonus amount means not just 5 or 10. It will be in triple digit. Won't you feel happy if your post is awarded with bonus payment?. And this option you cannot find anywhere else. Only in socialspark you get all these benefits.

You would have seen only sponsored posts in other sites. But here they have 3 types of opportunities. Sponsored posts, blog sponsorship, spark which is shown above. Sponsored post is like other normal posts where you have to write about advertiser and get paid. Blog sponsorship means if your blog has good targeted visitors your blog will get sponsorship. Here you have to just accept the offer you will be paid daily till the sponsorship runs out. Spark is the wonderful opportunity for you to meet other bloggers. This helps you to improve your page rank and this also increase your traffic score. Even you can create these opportunity by creating an account as advertiser which is free totally. For more details visit their site.

All opportunities will be displayed to you, if you like to write about any particular opportunity which is not available to you socialspark allows you to contact advertiser and the opportunity will be made available to you which is like as shown above. So this socialspark not only connects blogger and advertiser but also enables us to maintain relationship with them. Everyone will be aware of orkut, facebook etc. Here also you can start your communities and make friends. They will vote your blog if it is impressive which is good for improving your score. So socialspark not only allows us to earn money but also helps us to improve the quality of the blog.

Socialspark follows certain codes of ethics. 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure which means each and every post which you write to them is disclosed within the post and thus it does not hurts your readers. 100% Transparency this allows your readers to be aware that you are working for advertiser and allows them to differentiate paid reviews from other. 100% Real Opinions this allows you to write your own reviews. That is you have the freedom of expressing you own ideas about an particular review in good way. This also ensures that advertiser does not force you to write dishonest reviews. The final code of ethic is important and very very useful one that is 100% Search Engine Friendly. Socialspark includes "nofollow" tag in all links which they ask you to include in your post by doing this your search engine rank wont be affected. That is its avoids google of thinking that the link is paid one. So your page rank remains unaffected.

If you want to know more about SocialSpark visit their site. I highly recommend you to create an account right now and start earning today. Happy earnings with socialspark!!!
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