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Jay Jude Balgemino, a billiards buddy from one the Puyat Sports billiards hall I play at saw my posts on Angel Ministries and wanted to know more about its Donate Car and Car Donations programs. And I kid you not! Jay Jude Balgemino was intrigued with the charity programs being conducted by Angel Ministries geared toward helping those in need, e.g., via partner charities involving orphans, widows, single mothers, teen and adult rehab, and prison reform.

Angel Ministries is a non-profit organization serving those wishing to give non-cash contributions to charity. Its staff includes real estate, tax, and legal consultants who have the expertise to handle any type of donation. We are dedicated to provide you with best guidance throughout the donation process. Angel Ministries guarantees no pricey sale ads no smog certificates, no DMV paperwork, no lien or impound releases, and no charges when it tows one’s vehicle regardless of where it is located – it’s an “As is, where is” basis – towing is absolutely free. And the donor gets to choose the charity it wants to benefit! Angel Ministries also gives a full fair market value tax receipt and up to the minute tax advice for those donating their cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, or laptops to charity.
Angel Ministries also has a Donate A House or Property program, where the equity from a real estate serves as a to fund working capital for charity. Certified with the IRS, Angel Ministries’ Houseangel is touted to provide one with the knowledge and expertise necessary to carry out a real estate donation that maximizes benefits for both the donor and the non-profit organization. And it goes without saying that the donor gets to choose the beneficiary from Angel Ministries’ list of partner charities from across the United States. The types of real estate donations accepted by Angel Ministries include homes, apartment buildings, condos, commercial and industrial properties, land, and properties with mortgages, liens, or encumbrances.



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