Unlimited time tunnel

Hi Friends,
Have you heard of sky diving? You should know about taht more. We have seen the sky diving videos in televisions and enjoyed but learning more about them makes me understand how difficult it is. Regarding sky diving the difficulty is faced not only by the performer but also the camera man to capture each and every frame of the event. It is in the hands of camera man to give more shape to this great game. Do you think it is possoble to capture the performers in action from the ground. Absolutely not because we cant get any image if we point the camera to the sky from the ground. Instead the camera man is also a trained sky diver. He will also be in action along with sky divers and he will shoot the action. They shows that Difficult is worth doing by giving out perfect result.

The sky divers are given practice inside the wind tunnel and he is asked to learn all the move inside it so that they will make sure that he does not make any mistake in air.Talking about the Honda Accord ad this technology is extended to it. That is when the car is moving faster in dirt areas the camera man cannot go run along with the car and capture the scene. Instead a high resolution camera in mounted in the car itself in such a way that they dont miss out any frame and also they will get clear image withiut disturbance. The camara is controllable by sitting inside the car using a joy stick. Thus they maintain the quality of the ad and we are atracted by seeing it. Honda is simply great in using technologies lik this. For more details check out difficultisworthdoing.com. Thank you!!
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