European Man Hug

Hi pals,

This video is specially dedicated to British people because they don't like showing physical affection towards other Continent people.Let me introduce a new product which overcomes this fear and feel yourself free to express the feelings physically.Introducing new Heineken which is a Dutch company and the continentals are not scared of showing physical affection unlike the British. So if anybody drink this product you will feel free and even if an European Man Hug you, you wont feel embarrassed.

The tag line pun on the head of the beer is 'get the head right and the rest will follow' , which in Holland is served with a large frothy head. This special beer needs special storage condition. The main thing in this beer is its taste. It cannot be expresen in words. It has got a new attractive look and the new technology is its mouth. They have explained how to pour the beer into the glass to avoid extra foam. Better visit their site to have a look at flash animated beer. Enjoy your life with Heineken!!
Sponsored by Heineken